LED Lenser P7 UnBoxing :

Torches have become so much more than  a means to shine light on something, they are now a totally essential gadget and one that no house let alone car or motorbike user should ever be without!

I however am relatively new to the torch game, so I am not going to get to deep into the benefits, throw, spot, lumens and all that techy stuff!  Give me a Mac or an iPhone and I will be able to tech the life out of you, a torch, nope.  Check out the forums such as http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?19-Flashlight-Reviews and you will see that the Torch guys make the Android v iOS arguments tame in comparison!

I have three torches, one I use for working, a 3 D Cell maglite with an LED Conversion, it is bright and illuminates further than I have ever needed to see in the dark, it is also a tank, and for that reason it works well for me.

I also have a mini LED Lenser A5 that I keep in my backpack as a backup.  Tiny, light, strong, and a 75m beam should keep me right.

For the car I bought one of these LED Lenser P7s.  In real terms it is bright, more than bright enough than I reasonably believe anyone would need for working at their car in an emergency or illuminating a pathway to get you from A to B. It has other benefits too, the battery can last for up to 120 hours, if you are still working at your car after 120 hours, your car is broken.  If you are still walking after 120 hours you are lost.  It also feels incredible sturdy, sturdy enough to give you complete faith in its build quality.

The official Stats of the P7 are :

LED Lenser P7 Stats

Features of the LED Lenser P7 :

• 200 lumens of light – not 170 as with older models (a 320 lumen model have now been released)
• Speed Focus.
• Hard gold plated contacts.
• Corrosion resistant thread.
• LED service life: more than 100,000 hours.
• 0 to 711 feet effective range
• Up to 120 hours run time from one set of batteries (low power – 15%)
• Delivers a brilliant tactical level beam.
• One handed spot to flood light.
• Includes 4 AAA batteries and durable belt holster

LED Lenser P7 UnBoxing :

 photo P1080028_zpsab851072.jpg photo P1080029_zps8d53241c.jpg photo P1080030_zpsf4bb4f6f.jpg photo P1080034_zps893d01ee.jpg photo P1080035_zps1cd55bd6.jpg photo P1080036_zps9e361ce5.jpg
 photo P1080037_zps4105bc21.jpg photo P1080038_zps03017df8.jpg photo P1080039_zpsf830542d.jpg
 photo P1080040_zpsc9aea4f1.jpg photo P1080041_zps0951c169.jpg photo P1080042_zpsfc4f0603.jpg
 photo P1080043_zps34fcd5df.jpg photo P1080044_zps21491bff.jpg photo P1080045_zpsbd3ffbb8.jpg
 photo P1080047_zps760252a1.jpg photo P1080048_zps45555124.jpg photo P1080049_zps2afec9d4.jpg
 photo P1080050_zps7821564c.jpg photo P1080051_zpse341edfb.jpg photo P1080052_zpse4188bd8.jpg
 photo P1080053_zpsfe0ce52f.jpg photo P1080054_zpsf28abcca.jpg photo P1080055_zps7521e3f0.jpg
 photo P1080056_zpsf698ea15.jpg photo P1080057_zpsfd6d52a2.jpg photo P1080058_zpscbbf34e0.jpg
 photo P1080059_zps3f956c42.jpg photo P1080060_zps6263f5a3.jpg photo P1080061_zps37ef116d.jpg
 photo P1080062_zps5bf9902f.jpg


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