G-Shock GA-1000-FC-1AER : Unboxing

My latest G-Shock to the collection is the G-Shock ‘Premium’ GA-1000-FC-1AER from the Aviator Series.

With its titanium strap and bezel, and functions consisting of but not limited to a compass, thermometer and altimeter and couple these features with its tough as hell yet smart as hell look this watch definitely deserves its ‘Premium’ label.

This is a big beast of a watch and in the gallery below you will see a couple of photos directly comparing it in size to that of the GA-100 Series, a series which is known for its bulk, if you don’t like a big watch you’d best look elsewhere. Other than that she is a weighty beast too, but it feels right, strong, and pretty damn tough!

A picture paints a thousand words, or so they say, so here is a 20,000 word review on why this watch is the dogs danglies!

GA-1000-FC-1AER : Unboxing Gallery :

 photo P1080629_zps09def598.jpg photo P1080631_zpsb1c4f9d1.jpg photo P1080632_zps209166cf.jpg

 photo P1080633_zps9daa3b9d.jpg photo P1080634_zpsaa499959.jpg photo P1080636_zpsaa520614.jpg

 photo P1080637_zpsed28af91.jpg photo P1080638_zpsd44ce8d4.jpg photo P1080639_zpsa47fc9b4.jpg

 photo P1080640_zpsc0cfe786.jpg photo P1080644_zps94bbaafd.jpg photo P1080645_zps511c24e8.jpg

 photo P1080646_zps8013bc02.jpg photo P1080647_zps316a9a15.jpg photo P1080648_zpsbfdec225.jpg

 photo P1080649_zps1ea292ac.jpg photo P1080650_zpsbd2bc191.jpg photo P1080652_zps8b7f7d88.jpg

 photo P1080653_zps287bf584.jpg photo P1080654_zpse5c6224a.jpg


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