TomTom Rider V5 Hardwiring to BMW Can Bus Port (Aux Port / Sat Nav Port)

BMW very kindly supply you with a Can Bus Supported Auxiliary Port on a range of their bikes that means you can easily wire your Sat Nav into the bike, meaning it will be powered from the battery of the motorcycle, however when you turn the bike off the Can Bus System then shuts down the power to the sat nav a short time later resulting no power going to the sat nav cradle and no battery drain.

Well that is the theory anyway, however some users have experienced battery drain and blame this set up, claiming that the Can Bus System isn’t compatible with their Sat Nav. That may be and BMW won’t say officially if that may be the case, stating only that their ‘Sat Nav’ port is for use solely with their Navigator System, and why not if you want to be 100% sure that everything is going to work beautifully together then you need to hand over £700 for the privilege.

Just keep a close eye on your battery levels for the days following installing your sat nav, and hopefully you will not be one of the examples.

As stated above the port we will be using what BMW refer to as their Sat Nav port, it is what their Navigator System plugs into. The Navigator is a re-branded Garmin Zumo, with BMW software installed on it, but removing this software and it is still a Garmin.

BMW also supply a plug, named something like ‘3 Pin Repair Plug (multi use)’, some dealers will refer to it as a ‘Sat Nav lead.’ The part number is 83300413585. I ordered mine from and the part number was ELA13585. I was unable to purchase it direct from my BMW dealer but with motor works it arrived the next day, and was slightly cheaper also!

This plug gets attached to the battery wiring lead that is supplied with your TomTom. This plug then plugs into the port on the motorcycle, resulting in automatic powering and shut down of the TomTom Cradle.

I have uploaded a quick video to YouTube Showing this in completed install in action and the successful powering up and shutting down of the sat nav in conjunction with the bike. You can view it here :


It is a simple process that only requires 2 wires to be soldered together :

Take the ‘Fake Tank Cover’ off the bike to reveal the battery compartment :

 photo P1090796_zpsed37bd14.jpg2. Here you will see the battery and the Can Bus Connector (in this picture it is the socket underneath the white connector. It is held in place in a clip and has a cap on the end that simply pulls off :

 photo P1090797_zpsc23ffc48.jpg
 photo P1090799_zps0b09fddc.jpg3. Here you see both wires, the black one being the TomTom Power cable, the socket you see at the end of it plugs into and thus powers the Sat Nav. The yellow is the BMW 3 Pin Repair Plug (multi use) as supplied by BMW.

 photo P1090800_zps0c70f7d3.jpg4. On the BMW 3 Pin Repair Plug (multi use) you will not that the 3 wires are number, 1,2 and 3. Wire 2 is not required so you can cut if off, or just ignore it and heat shrink it later (this is the option I went for).

5. Strip back the red and black leads of the power cable and wires 1 and 3 of the BMW cable.

 photo P1090801_zps15809db6.jpg
 photo P1090803_zpsde778ec1.jpg6. Slide some heat shrink tubing over the wires 1 and 3 of the BMW cable.

 photo P1090804_zps3bad5d0b.jpg7. Solder the Black TomTom wire (neg/earth) to Wire 1 on the BMW Connector.

8. Solder the Red TomTom wire (live) to Wire 3 on the BMW Connector.

 photo P1090805_zps6d62c17b.jpg9. Attach the BMW cable to the socket on the bike.

 photo P1090806_zpsed18fa8d.jpg
 photo P1090807_zps8855003a.jpg10. Tidy it up.

 photo P1090809_zpse442ebbf.jpg11. A few cable ties will help things stay tidy.

 photo P1090813_zps1ba9b10e.jpg12. Reinstall the fake take panels again.

 photo P1090814_zps15cda36f.jpg13. Mount the Sat Nav where it works for you…

 photo P1090818_zps206887ab.jpgFor my bike I considered the following mounting options but the high and low middle options obstructed the clocks. I am also looking for alternatives and more secure mounting options which I will add info on as I come across them :

 photo IMG_7765_zpsd2e861b0.jpg photo IMG_7762_zps5beeb8ec.jpg photo IMG_7761_zps94218c03.jpg


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4 thoughts on “TomTom Rider V5 Hardwiring to BMW Can Bus Port (Aux Port / Sat Nav Port)”

  1. I am strugling to get the connector to sit flush into the harness by the airbox ( f800st). I tested it for power and it seems no power comes through. It looks like the connector is too long and the tips dont get into the socket.

    • It is hard to visualise to be honest, if you can upload some pics to share with us someone may have the answer. Upload to a service like photo bucket and link them in the comments here and I’ll happily take a look, cheers.

  2. The voltage being canbus connection is 12v, how the transformation is made to 5v for GPS? My GPS is a GARMIN Montana 600, but bought by BMW, with the Navigator Adventure.
    thank you

    • I can’t comment on a Garmin device. But I believe the BMW navigator device is a rebranded Garmin. The TomTom I am using has worked flawlessly since this article was written.


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