Unboxing : Tech21 Special Ops Combat Case

I was just going through some old folders and found a few unboxing of products that I didn’t get publishing.  Time moved on, my tech moved on and these products got forgot about.

However some of these products do need a little bit of showcasing.  The first one I will upload is a tough case for the iPhone 5. It is the Tech21 Special Ops Combat case.  Tech21 do a full range of cases from the reasonably subtle right up to this one.

This case utilises 3DO – a great product that takes the bang out of impacts and in doing so should protect your gear fantastically well.  Of course this case is big and bulky, but it is protective.  It has a built in screen shield so if you already have a screen guard installed it may well cause water marking.  That is the only issue I experienced with this case, but I would class it as a direct competitor to the Otterbox Defender and Griffin Survivor Range and if you keep your eyes out you can pick this case up now at a fraction of its original £49.99 retail price!

I was hugely impressed by this case, so much so that this was the final case I put my iPhone 5 in before upgrading and it remained in it for a couple of months.

Unboxing Gallery :

 photo P1080177_zps2vvxh6hi.jpg photo P1080178_zpshcjhdf5p.jpg photo P1080179_zps7jnh2xyk.jpg

 photo P1080180_zpsm6n25k0v.jpg photo P1080181_zpsncoac0ei.jpg photo P1080182_zpsoqylqxc1.jpg

 photo P1080183_zpsvslhgnrt.jpg photo P1080184_zpsxksdqfov.jpg photo P1080186_zpsinxjy8be.jpg

 photo P1080188_zpshbnxouxz.jpg photo P1080189_zpslksevdof.jpg photo P1080191_zpslqthpsw2.jpg

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 photo P1080203_zpsf6lnij7y.jpg photo P1080204_zpszbsiodbi.jpg photo P1080205_zpsqzfgclzy.jpg

 photo P1080207_zpswjsoqf7x.jpg photo P1080208_zps7xvnvhxa.jpg photo P1080209_zpsyzf0ce18.jpg

 photo P1080211_zpsd9efdkne.jpg photo P1080214_zpsjdixc99x.jpg photo P1080215_zpszbvaauw1.jpg

 photo P1080216_zpsxjlocral.jpg photo P1080217_zps1wuy8kah.jpg photo P1080218_zpsrhjupent.jpg

 photo P1080219_zpsfrfiqvbn.jpg photo P1080220_zpskdhnjtqt.jpg photo P1080221_zps3ezsznov.jpg

 photo P1080222_zpsy8ipey36.jpg photo P1080223_zpsu7qcxxnt.jpg photo P1080224_zpskrx8fkym.jpg

 photo P1080225_zpsfgzqnjmk.jpg photo P1080226_zpswirh6yjd.jpg


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