16/05/2015 NW200 Saturday Race Day

After a great Thursday night racing and the weather being exceptionally kind, Saturday rolled up. When I left the house it was glorious! So sunny it was almost hazy. I had to stop half way there to put my waterproofs on as it looked like it was going to chuck it down, and by the time I arrived although it hadn’t rained it looked like it was going to, big time! It was dark and there was some proper big ass black clouds floating menacingly over head. It did not take long for them to burst! And so began the theme for the day, sunny, windy, cloudy, raining, heavy ass raining, sunny, warm, windy, cloudy… and repeat!

The first race of the day had to be cancelled after a couple of restarts but from about 1.30 -2.00PM we did get some more continuous according to plan racing, it even looked like, for a short while, that the road closure contingencies would be used to get the final race in however as the winds had picked up again the riders and management decided against that.

So all in all it was a great days racing and thankfully, ultimately no one was fatally injured. A rider was critically injured as was a spectator when a bike left the track and hit her in a garden, a tragic freak accident, however thankfully and mercifully all involved and injured people are now well on the mend, and all are expected to make a full recovery.

See you next year! Onto the TT!

Results :

You can find the full race timing and results facts and figures here : http://www.northwest200.org/results-timings/

Race 1 : Cancelled Due to Incidents

Race 2 : BetMcLean SuperSport Race

Race 2 NW200 2015 BetMcLean Supersport Race
Race 2 NW200 2015 BetMcLean Supersport Race

Race 3 : Monster Energy SuperBike Race

Race 3 NW200 2015 Monster Energy Superbike Race
Race 3 NW200 2015 Monster Energy Superbike Race

Race 4 : The Anchor Portstweart SuperTwin Race

Race 4 NW200 2015 The Anchor Portstewart Supertwin Race
Race 4 NW200 2015 The Anchor Portstewart Supertwin Race

Race 5 : CP Hire SuperStock Race

Race 5 NW200 2015 CP Hire Superstock Race
Race 5 NW200 2015 CP Hire Superstock Race

Race 6 : Cancelled Due to Weather

Gallery :

 photo P1100286_zps2ctkqqug.jpg photo P1100287_zpshvdnth4z.jpg photo P1100288_zpsqrei34rx.jpg
 photo P1100291_zpsnqim6zan.jpg photo P1100294_zps91ftqm4k.jpg photo P1100295_zps8wt0gqs0.jpg
 photo P1100296_zpspuvizz5j.jpg photo P1100297_zpsb0fldhxw.jpg photo P1100298_zpsvn8qizzz.jpg
 photo P1100300_zpsysyoqltp.jpg photo P1100301_zpswg4tfvdu.jpg photo P1100303_zps2m6p7fym.jpg
 photo P1100306_zps4k2dxbvf.jpg photo P1100307_zpsi2t6z3q9.jpg photo P1100308_zpsrc8hen4o.jpg
 photo P1100312_zpskoyqm8mc.jpg photo P1100313_zpsywkxbn81.jpg photo P1100314_zpszih9a22n.jpg
 photo P1100316_zpsnxvquugl.jpg photo P1100322_zpssjp6c0ds.jpg photo P1100323_zpsegy6vyhl.jpg
 photo P1100324_zpsjqkhdwdw.jpg photo P1100326_zpsdciwocnu.jpg photo P1100328_zpsikxbkzjj.jpg
 photo P1100329_zpshbdwcc4m.jpg photo P1100330_zpssyuix57e.jpg photo P1100333_zps7a82v4qt.jpg
 photo P1100335_zpscivhzgyf.jpg photo P1100337_zpssv46qrro.jpg photo P1100339_zpswpd7q8en.jpg
 photo P1100340_zpsr5fumhys.jpg photo P1100341_zps4vw7f8lb.jpg photo P1100342_zps7y827dpy.jpg
 photo P1100345_zpssevo7omn.jpg photo P1100348_zpsrvalhhnq.jpg photo P1100349_zpsjzuv8v4t.jpg
 photo P1100351_zpspif1ym2k.jpg photo P1100358_zpsfpht7k9u.jpg photo P1100362_zpsil2fbasr.jpg
 photo P1100379_zps0pep95zg.jpg photo P1100385_zps0l6thnj4.jpg photo P1100387_zpsox3khsrp.jpg
 photo P1100390_zpsus73jquj.jpg photo P1100391_zpsyzqeet29.jpg photo P1100392_zpsdefdfxo3.jpg
 photo P1100396_zpsvngrjrg9.jpg photo P1100398_zpsya62pey8.jpg photo P1100401_zpscvqkiqtc.jpg
 photo P1100402_zpszuispymo.jpg photo P1100407_zpszj4qqkf4.jpg photo P1100410_zps6uc1ypsm.jpg
 photo P1100413_zpsqfjefbb4.jpg photo P1100414_zpstt8oy6np.jpg photo P1100415_zps84g06qlu.jpg
 photo P1100417_zps25adekvs.jpg photo P1100418_zpswi00xcr6.jpg photo P1100423_zpsuhel7feh.jpg
 photo P1100424_zpsyy4z81rq.jpg photo P1100425_zpsdbhjk1ul.jpg photo P1100426_zpsw0xrb3ip.jpg
 photo P1100427_zpst5pgqlqn.jpg photo P1100428_zpsuahzfdmz.jpg photo P1100429_zps1yv2fibw.jpg
 photo P1100430_zpsvlhdvgbl.jpg photo P1100433_zpsynbjvfr3.jpg photo P1100434_zps1mu9hon4.jpg
 photo P1100435_zpsjdwpupo4.jpg photo P1100436_zpsvwf9c0ep.jpg photo P1100437_zpskuqrxnkd.jpg
 photo P1100439_zpsejofs4s3.jpg photo P1100440_zpsonku7gzm.jpg photo P1100441_zpsi2hsezdv.jpg
 photo P1100443_zpsqlzvegdn.jpg photo P1100445_zps7dp0syxv.jpg photo P1100446_zpsy48plye2.jpg
 photo P1100449_zpsfq0orpxg.jpg photo P1100451_zpsanlj8uel.jpg photo P1100452_zpsf0yv89yw.jpg
 photo P1100453_zpsbvretfxb.jpg photo P1100454_zpsdmil1rn0.jpg photo P1100455_zpsgzy9rgon.jpg
 photo P1100456_zpszc3vpiib.jpg photo P1100460_zpscb1rgrf1.jpg photo P1100461_zpslioktwfi.jpg
 photo P1100463_zps59b7ske9.jpg photo P1100464_zps7mlqyuiw.jpg photo P1100466_zpskjegriyg.jpg
 photo P1100467_zpsn4af3cg9.jpg photo P1100468_zpslihxvlio.jpg photo P1100469_zpsulaulpu9.jpg
 photo P1100470_zps9p5m3bzd.jpg photo P1100471_zpsfdruye9v.jpg


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