Leatherman Crunch Unboxing

Most men love multitools.  This is a fact.  Simple.  Need a present idea for a guy?  Buy him a multitool, he will like it!

The same goes for motorcyclists, multitools rule.  There are probably two big players currently on the market,

  1.  Leatherman
  2. Gerber.

Personally I have both, I carry a Leatherman every where I go in work, and I have a Gerber which I carry in the car.  I have another Leatherman which I keep in my tool box in the garage and is probably the most used thing in there!  This feature covers the latest Leatherman I have acquired which is a Leatherman Crunch.

Anyone familiar with the Leatherman Range will be familiar with the almost standard set of pliers that pop out when the tool is unfolded.  This is where the Crunch differs, instead of pliars you get a set of vice grips.  There is also a screwdriver slot in the base, which takes any standard bit, or buy the Leatherman set if you desire.

I carry this tool with me on the bike, and I purposefully bought it for this reason, as I am off the opinion that whilst on the road Vice Grips will be far more useful than pliers, of course the grips can be used as a pliers as well, obviously you loose the needle nose feature.

Quality is top class, which is backed up by their Industry busting 25 year warranty.  I need say no more other than if like me you are a Leatherman fan, consider this tool as a good way to expand your capabilities away from the needle nose pliers.

Gallery : 

 photo P1100613_zpsonh9twzx.jpg photo P1100614_zpswpfxpx38.jpg photo P1100615_zpsqjcgsmeg.jpg
 photo P1100616_zpsnkorwhhz.jpg photo P1100617_zps7fru49nl.jpg photo P1100618_zpsyqcw9xe6.jpg
 photo P1100619_zpseeicsjxc.jpg photo P1100620_zpst1dwurvr.jpg photo P1100621_zpssttnmt8x.jpg
 photo P1100623_zpsdqkxm0yd.jpg photo P1100624_zpst3qu2fck.jpg photo P1100625_zpsfhs26xwj.jpg
 photo P1100626_zpsdynud8nw.jpg photo P1100627_zpsis6cozlg.jpg photo P1100628_zpsrcgro2zf.jpg
 photo P1100629_zpswx196s7w.jpg


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