Breitling Avenger II GMT Unboxing

Everyone loves a nice watch.  Let’s admit it.  Every time you walk past a jewellers that sells watches you will always have a look in the window and their will always be a watch or a brand that catches your eye.

For me that brand is Breitling.  They are big and bold, with a modern, and if you look back over history, a reasonably timeless design.  There are a few examples to that rule of course, for example the Breitling Emergency II with yellow dial.  Coming in past the £12,000 mark this watch comes with the added piece of mind that if you get into a bit of bother any where on this planet the GPS tracking on the watch with dispatch rescuers to you, hopefully saving the day and you…

Breitling Emergency II - Yellow Dial
Breitling Emergency II – Yellow Dial

That is not the watch I bought – however it is so damn cool!  If you are reading this, enjoying it and thinking, ‘that guy needs one of these’ I’ll be all to happy to accept!

For me I went to a local jewellers – Lunns, Belfast to buy my watch.  The buying experience is like that of an Apple Store, but fancier.  Personal, friendly, pleasant and professional sums it up pretty well.  The watches are brought out on velvet trays, displayed to you by a gloved representative, it’s all relatively formal, without actually being formal.  It was relaxed and to be honest even though I was about to hand over a considerable sum of money it was fun.  Time was taken to make sure I was walking out with the right watch, and almost a year later and wearing it daily I am happy that I did.

I opted for the the Breitling Avenger GMT II : According to Breitling…

The Avenger II GMT stands out by its very practical 24-hour second timezone display, complemented by a bidirectional rotating bezel enabling a third timezone reading. The officially chronometer-certified selfwinding movement is protected by an ultra-sturdy steel case water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft) and equipped with lateral reinforcements. The efficiency of the controls is guaranteed by a solid crown with a non-slip grip. The aviation-inspired stencil-type numerals lend a technical and original touch of style.

I opted for the following configuration :

  • Case : Steel
  • Dial : Volcano Black
  • Strap : Professional III (Steel)

The strap was my only sticking point.  I really like the rubber straps (Diver Pro III – black) and deployment clasp.

Breitling Avenger II GMT with Volcano Black Dial, Driver Pro III (Black) and Deployment Clasp
Breitling Avenger II GMT with Volcano Black Dial, Driver Pro III (Black) and Deployment Clasp

However after doing the mathematics going for the steel strap, then buying the rubber strap and clasp at a later date seemed to be the best way forward.

As I have mentioned I wear this watch daily, it’s awesome and the finish on it and the rubber strap are still visually perfect.  The face is also perfect and I wear it to work, in the shower, on the motorbike, rain, hail or shine, I am wearing it.  The deployment clasp does show some minor blemishes on its surface due to general use, but when the watch is in getting serviced I will get it polished as well (and will get a few updated pictures added also).

As far as the rubber strap goes I purchased it a couple of weeks after buying the watch when I was lucky enough to be in New York City.  I emailed the Breitling Boutique on 5th Avenue and they confirmed to me they had both the strap and clasp in stock and all I had to do was call in to get them fitted.

The Breitling Boutique sorted me out with the new strap and clasp, along with a complimentary glass of water served in a Breitling glass, which I desperately need one of!

Service was the same as in Belfast, professional, friendly and polite, however I did walk about the store for about 10 minutes before being approached, 2 customers being seen to before me having arrived after me.  Then I learnt the secret, ask for help.  I can only imagine that having such a huge amount of tourist traffic the store is swamped with people ‘just having a look’ so if you are looking service, you’d be best asking for it.

The watch is due its annual service soon, at that point I will take some pics of it as it stands after a year’s daily use and how it looks after service.

Breitling Avenger II GMT Unboxing Gallery :

 photo IMG_0456_zpsnjq8mnav.jpg photo IMG_0457_zpsloe3a8zb.jpg photo IMG_0459_zpswhmxf2x5.jpg
 photo IMG_0462_zps1ckkvnvj.jpg photo IMG_0464_zpsbzmxti6z.jpg photo P1110618_zpsm9tzqvsb.jpg
 photo P1110619_zpseesgkhbt.jpg photo P1110621_zpsmdwspilv.jpg photo P1110622_zpsbooijabu.jpg
 photo P1110624_zpsiiuibi3l.jpg photo P1110625_zpshoxzfcyn.jpg photo P1110626_zpsyojeat0h.jpg
 photo P1110630_zpsplrysy1k.jpg photo P1110631_zpsjta0gbgt.jpg
 photo P1110632_zpsoxbrskmb.jpg photo P1110634_zps8nd60jar.jpg photo P1110635_zpsie2ocokf.jpg
 photo P1110636_zpsbervywut.jpg photo P1110637_zpswvaaeks2.jpg photo P1110639_zpsbtzkcgpd.jpg
 photo P1110640_zpsw1zg3ojh.jpg photo P1110641_zpshywick4d.jpg photo P1110642_zps7n4tdsoy.jpg
 photo P1110643_zps1fcmfryl.jpg photo P1110644_zps47sjcwkj.jpg photo P1110645_zpsb5tudzs2.jpg
 photo P1110633_zpstqfldvp8.png


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