Road Racing Calendar Now Available is now proud to announce that our Road Racing Calendar will continue for the 2020 Irish, Northern Irish, Manx and International Road Racing Season.  Our iCal Calendar is now available and open to subscription!

The 2021 Events are already getting added!

Simply Click here and you will be offered to Subscribe to the TBNI Road Racing Calendar :

Mac / PC Subscription :

Depending on your operating system you will be offered a pop up something like this:

iCal Calendar Popup

iCal Calendar PopupClick on ‘Allow‘ (or the equivalent) and iCal will open and you will be offered to subscribe to the calendar :

iCal Subscription Popup

iCal Subscription PopupJust Click on ‘Subscribe‘ and thats it!  The Road Racing Calendar will seemlessly intergrate into your Calendar on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and other iCal compatible devices.

iPhone / iPad Subscription :

The process is similar for your iPhone / iPad / iPod & other iCal Compatible devices.Simply click on one of the links to the calendar and you will get a popup asking you to confirm your subscription :

The Calendar will update with all the latest events’ dates, timings, road closures etc as soon as they are made public and will continue to do so, year on year.  As I update my calendar yours will get the updates beamed directly to it.  Magic.

A few points to note, and they are all good.

  • It’s free.
  • It’s updated regularly.
  • It is one way only.  So you can subscribe / unsubscribe as you please from within the iCal / Calendar app and no one has any access to anything on your phone.  All you are doing is subscribing to a Calendar Feed.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask them, or use the Contact Us Page

If you would like your Irish / Northern Irish / Isle of Man TT Road Racing Event added to the Calendar then please get in touch!

Contact Us here.

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I am a road race loving, adventure motorcyclist, with a huge bit of techie built in.  I am currently trying out a bit of photography.

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