2017 North West 200 Thursday 11th May 2017 Race Session Gallery

Thursday Night Action at the 2017 NW200 Event
Thursday Nights Racing at the 2017 NW200 saw some amazing racing – really putting the event back on the Road Racing Map after a couple of tragic and difficult years.

Apologies for it being a bit late, but sometimes you just get busy.

The poor weather at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Race Meeting has given me the opportunity to get caught up on a few things I had let slip.  You’ll be glad to hear the next gallery will be from the Isle of Man!

So if you are over at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races you are right about now probably wishing for the rain to stop!  Don’t worry it is going to – tomorrow is to be a lovely day.

However in the meantime to satisfy your needs for some motorbikes here is my gallery from the 2017 NW200 Thursday Race Session… (You’ll see it was soaked in glorious sunshine!)

Photos for this session were taken from the area of the Juniper Hill Chicane – maining looking down the Coast Road.

As with all of my photos please feel free to like, share and even use them.  If you do use them however please credit me with the photograph – Don’t steal it.  I don’t want to start watermarking my photos so if you do use it please – do the right thing.

Also all photos are available in full resolution, so if you would like any of the photographs in their full uneditted glory please just let me know – especially if you are one of the riders!

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For the Full Race Results (Saturday) Click Here.

For the Detailed Race Results and Race Breakdowns Click Here.

Thursday Night Racing at the 2017 NW200 Event
Look closer – it’s OK, you are not seeing double!

2017 North West 200 Thursday 11th May 2017  Race Session Gallery :

 photo P1040079_zpstlxvphzj.jpg photo P1040080_zpscznuc5lz.jpg photo P1040082_zpsgkj9tkzc.jpg
 photo P1040083_zpsury8yzvr.jpg photo P1040084_zpsd0ggsbma.jpg photo P1040085_zpsvar7hzxc.jpg
 photo P1040086_zpsasxjklhf.jpg photo P1040087_zps7ynra2w3.jpg photo P1040088_zpsauehw0oc.jpg
 photo P1040089_zpszmfbkhbd.jpg photo P1040090_zps5ahnttga.jpg photo P1040091_zpsqidlbkah.jpg
 photo P1040092_zpsuu5hbnog.jpg photo P1040093_zpsao5bjd0h.jpg photo P1040094_zpseouty3tm.jpg
 photo P1040095_zpsktpse6yv.jpg photo P1040097_zpsusqvxlgz.jpg photo P1040098_zpsr2uu4dc8.jpg
 photo P1040099_zpso3dz3zvn.jpg photo P1040103_zpsdki00plf.jpg photo P1040104_zps3k6qzf3t.jpg
 photo P1040105_zpswivmg9hx.jpg photo P1040106_zps5hzxnyil.jpg photo P1040108_zpsz42unsrl.jpg
 photo P1040111_zps0oizb60y.jpg photo P1040110_zpsmup1fhsd.jpg photo P1040112_zpsiupoteje.jpg
 photo P1040113_zps5mrgb59l.jpg photo P1040114_zps6hprnhgg.jpg photo P1040115_zpse3iucftp.jpg
 photo P1040116_zpss7hty45y.jpg photo P1040119_zpsy2su2pvi.jpg photo P1040120_zpsmie1wgrp.jpg
 photo P1040121_zpsux4ye9ki.jpg photo P1040122_zpseblheeeq.jpg photo P1040123_zpsoygmg5z4.jpg
 photo P1040124_zpsxqzaq9s1.jpg photo P1040125_zpswtllni6o.jpg photo P1040126_zpsqhymfnz8.jpg
 photo P1040127_zpsa9dja4nw.jpg photo P1040128_zps3mevjoqr.jpg photo P1040129_zpsykw4oewv.jpg
 photo P1040130_zps2fjkisww.jpg photo P1040131_zpsunnow29j.jpg photo P1040132_zpsed1rxt6m.jpg
 photo P1040133_zpsrwasdzso.jpg photo P1040134_zpsb7mujjvw.jpg photo P1040135_zps0wrr6vg3.jpg
 photo P1040136_zpslwbawndu.jpg photo P1040137_zpst0mtkazw.jpg photo P1040138_zpskv2rf9w0.jpg
 photo P1040140_zpsyfgzlifi.jpg photo P1040141_zpsowy6cznd.jpg photo P1040142_zpssjdfjj1m.jpg
 photo P1040143_zpsio4mbjlz.jpg photo P1040144_zpsh319niub.jpg photo P1040145_zpsiaftvxou.jpg
 photo P1040146_zpsti31qxb4.jpg photo P1040147_zps1yuxmnyh.jpg photo P1040148_zpsq14kukja.jpg
 photo P1040149_zpssb8korl2.jpg photo P1040150_zpsq8a8elz9.jpg photo P1040151_zpsh7j7ltdm.jpg
 photo P1040152_zpsjdpu8q9g.jpg photo P1040153_zpsni621ldw.jpg photo P1040154_zpskxkjsn8w.jpg
 photo P1040155_zps9c5b0owx.jpg photo P1040156_zpsvwgwyddd.jpg photo P1040157_zpsauzugxrn.jpg
 photo P1040158_zpsy0khfafz.jpg photo P1040159_zpsiqrcley0.jpg photo P1040161_zps32blk3w3.jpg
 photo P1040162_zpsvmfhd7it.jpg photo P1040163_zpsse54pcwo.jpg photo P1040164_zpsx9kmgqo8.jpg
 photo P1040165_zpsevyfs3iv.jpg photo P1040166_zpsvnvh3xwf.jpg photo P1040167_zps7uoifepm.jpg
 photo P1040168_zpsnzrt6anc.jpg photo P1040169_zpscjaei1wd.jpg photo P1040170_zpshb7ogvle.jpg
 photo P1040172_zpseadqy0xh.jpg photo P1040175_zpsbemgepsd.jpg photo P1040176_zpsfp3cih4v.jpg
 photo P1040177_zpscis0snkc.jpg photo P1040178_zpsxy5mceqc.jpg photo P1040179_zpssrkcvuwd.jpg
 photo P1040180_zpsukdzrsze.jpg photo P1040181_zpsuqsmu3ia.jpg photo P1040182_zps3ysr6w0t.jpg
 photo P1040183_zpso0njc9xl.jpg photo P1040184_zpslmyf5uyz.jpg photo P1040186_zpsax6tdck8.jpg
 photo P1040187_zpsrbjyj7gi.jpg photo P1040188_zpszqp08wu8.jpg photo P1040189_zpsfri3diy9.jpg
 photo P1040190_zpsdpzefsqo.jpg photo P1040191_zpsv5tga3eu.jpg photo P1040193_zps6iypdjph.jpg
 photo P1040195_zpswmjqrrjh.jpg photo P1040196_zpsfjjxrvdg.jpg photo P1040197_zpsupfd8efq.jpg
 photo P1040198_zpsitnlxzfd.jpg photo P1040199_zpsi0udlgoa.jpg photo P1040202_zps6slwqeij.jpg
 photo P1040203_zpsdemihkiw.jpg photo P1040204_zps1x3hm93w.jpg photo P1040205_zps6tcnuvf0.jpg
 photo P1040206_zpsn2qintca.jpg photo P1040208_zpsadbaqt0t.jpg photo P1040209_zpscewjmpe9.jpg
 photo P1040210_zpsv4oyob9f.jpg photo P1040211_zps5r99uwwx.jpg photo P1040213_zpspdnoc9qp.jpg
 photo P1040214_zpstgonlv4a.jpg photo P1040218_zpskruuz0ow.jpg photo P1040219_zpsqjz9hqsh.jpg
 photo P1040220_zps4yaium1h.jpg photo P1040222_zps89drle0h.jpg photo P1040225_zpsxjvsbyb3.jpg
 photo P1040226_zpswdssm28k.jpg photo P1040227_zpsjpokzxof.jpg photo P1040229_zpsxul52xrd.jpg
 photo P1040230_zpsonkerfxl.jpg photo P1040232_zpsvpdcy2rf.jpg photo P1040233_zpsawgph9nd.jpg
 photo P1040234_zps4wxvim5q.jpg photo P1040235_zpswo2u4kmz.jpg photo P1040236_zpsz9dav8wc.jpg
 photo P1040237_zpshgnpeqyb.jpg photo P1040238_zpspojwvwzg.jpg photo P1040239_zpslz85fnca.jpg
 photo P1040241_zpsmf96svzc.jpg photo P1040242_zpssq1ekjps.jpg photo P1040243_zps3bwbjq4r.jpg
 photo P1040244_zpsforrgrhw.jpg photo P1040246_zpsuu2pzbnz.jpg photo P1040247_zpskxhjyalw.jpg
 photo P1040249_zpsonhmzguy.jpg photo P1040251_zpsziyh2ae1.jpg photo P1040252_zps72klvlka.jpg
 photo P1040256_zpsiyxwdrtn.jpg photo P1040257_zpsbxgs15h8.jpg photo P1040258_zps1p7ldaew.jpg
 photo P1040259_zpsawy8atyp.jpg photo P1040261_zpsqxbwowhu.jpg
 photo P1040263_zps3oyklirc.jpg photo P1040264_zpszxvtgrmi.jpg photo P1040265_zpsltnmzbrg.jpg
 photo P1040267_zpszvv80ul4.jpg photo P1040268_zps70q5ytx5.jpg photo P1040269_zpsxwjohkr6.jpg
 photo P1040271_zpsjlwmbu4t.jpg photo P1040274_zpsqlt2grhf.jpg photo P1040275_zps2twhyxx0.jpg
 photo P1040276_zpstd7bpjeq.jpg photo P1040279_zpsdiatuarb.jpg photo P1040280_zpsw46p1yqp.jpg
 photo P1040281_zps032bcbac.jpg photo P1040282_zpsouepcmuo.jpg photo P1040283_zpsevbhbhin.jpg
 photo P1040284_zps7hiqsffu.jpg photo P1040285_zpszw56g8jd.jpg photo P1040286_zpsqtjwlai2.jpg
 photo P1040289_zpsao3mvtgm.jpg photo P1040290_zps9hpjiykk.jpg photo P1040291_zpsxnyelbdy.jpg
 photo P1040292_zpsghkdtnvz.jpg photo P1040293_zps8sapadb9.jpg photo P1040294_zps2pspecui.jpg
 photo P1040302_zps5xmeswt2.jpg photo P1040303_zpsvezzepd1.jpg photo P1040304_zps4meueocz.jpg
 photo P1040305_zpsikvwjflh.jpg photo P1040306_zpsyt8vhtau.jpg photo P1040308_zpsokjsxntf.jpg
 photo P1040309_zpsdbo9cu3f.jpg photo P1040310_zpsfmzmmjug.jpg photo P1040311_zpsh0hbtehp.jpg
 photo P1040312_zpsli89bpdn.jpg photo P1040313_zps0es6erim.jpg photo P1040314_zpsakrarwme.jpg
 photo P1040315_zpsce131xix.jpg photo P1040317_zpssftufghl.jpg photo P1040318_zpsdxgh9fne.jpg
 photo P1040319_zpszf6clvld.jpg photo P1040320_zpsuz4nstgx.jpg photo P1040322_zpshbwhtjlp.jpg
 photo P1040323_zps83wupcvg.jpg photo P1040324_zpsghoz9tfg.jpg photo P1040325_zpsnno3n7tj.jpg
 photo P1040326_zpslr7ywocy.jpg photo P1040328_zps1uxakefr.jpg photo P1040331_zpsvwaplo6c.jpg
 photo P1040332_zpspes6kgux.jpg photo P1040334_zpsmd7wh30q.jpg photo P1040337_zpsc9hedsds.jpg
 photo P1040339_zpss0gxuklb.jpg photo P1040342_zpsxletpdsk.jpg photo P1040343_zpshj2dj2qn.jpg
 photo P1040345_zpsan1dx9eh.jpg photo P1040346_zps6ebmta8b.jpg photo P1040349_zpsruvojclj.jpg
 photo P1040350_zpsqqa5arpx.jpg photo P1040351_zpsvnu4d2qq.jpg photo P1040354_zpsb407e7zw.jpg
 photo P1040355_zpsfm974kpo.jpg photo P1040356_zpsydoy81os.jpg photo P1040357_zpsbczc8lg3.jpg


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