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Isle of Man TT – Race Winners Payout

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With the 2017 Isle of Man TT Festival now in full swing, although the practice sessions have been hampered by fog and rain, the island is filling up and the atmosphere is growing!  So come on weather – it is time to tighten up!

But one of the most discussed topics is how much do these guys / girls get for winning the TT?  You might be surprised, but one thing that is very important.  For the majority – if not all the competitiors it isn’t about the cash – it’s about the prestige.

But here it is the pay scale for the TT Senior Race :

TT Senior Race Prize Table 2017

£18,000 for a clean race win from start to finish might seem like a decent payout to many but think about the price of the bike, the transport, accomodation, fuel, tyres, mechanical upkeep…  There’s not going to be too much left over for beers – and think of coming 20th – that’s an amazing achievement in its own right!  The £300 would even cover the ferry!

Anyway as I say it is all about the prestige and these guys / girls deserve every bit of accolation and credit they get – they are at the absolute top of their game and to do it for the pay scale above really shows how dedicated these people are!

Keep er between the hedges and here is to a safe and enjoyable TT for all!

6 thoughts on “Isle of Man TT – Race Winners Payout”

    • I’d rather not – it bores me silly – but each to their own. My point remains though – most riders, if not all riders, are not at the TT for the money. For some it is the taking part and the ultimate goal is competing and completing. For others – they want the win. The win won’t make them rich though. If you want money and motorbikes look at MotoGP.


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