2017 Classic TT : Saturday 26th August 2017 : Bennett’s Senior Classic TT Race Results :

Congratulations to Josh Brooke’s (who also took the fastest lap of the race) on his 2017 Senior Classic TT win.



See below for official race timings and speeds.



Bennetts Senior Classic TT Results:

1 Josh Brookes

2 Jamie Coward

3 William Dunlop

4 Maria Costello MBE

5 Dominic Herbertson

6 Bill Swallow

7 Michael Russell

8 James Hillier

9 Horst Saiger

10 Chris Swallow

11 Bob Owen

12 Steve Ferguson

13 Nick Jefferies

14 Dave Madsen Mygdal

15 John Leigh Pemberton

16 Dave Matravers

17 Will Loder

18 Lee Jennings

19 Alan Bud Jackson

20 Arthur Browning

21 Andy Lee

22 Colin Stockdale

23 Jaeson Caunce

24 David Linsdell

25 Ian Bainbridge

26 Jeff Smith

27 Tony Tuttle

28 Rod Graham

29 Grant Sellars

30 Richard Stott

31 Andy Wilson

32 Kevin Miller


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