Quick Review : TI Ballpoint – Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus

I have reviewed a few pens on this site and pens are one of my frequent searches on crowd funding sites.  So when you couple a pen with Titanium, I am instantly interested.

This was however an eBay find, but I believe it started its life on Kickstarter as a Titanium pen that accepts 35 refills without any modification.  A plug and play pen : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/klinkokids/ti-ballpoint-pen-stylus-refill-friendly-titanium-p

TI Ballpint Pen Accepts over 35 Refills
TI Ballpint Pen Accepts over 35 Refills

It was well funded back in 2014 – looking $10,000 and ending up with over $38,500.

If you got in early enough you could have picked up the early bird at $59.  They currently sell for about $75 on their website.

I picked mine up for an absolute bargain price of £15 – brand new and unused on eBay!  Result!

TI Ballpint Pen Accepts over 35 Refills
TI Ballpint Pen Accepts over 35 Refills

The pen comes with a Stylus installed in the end.

Stylus is one of the Options in the TI Ballpoint Finish

However I am not really a fan of a Stylus – phones now are made to work with your finger, a stylus just doesn’t cut it for me.  I want a pen to write with, not to use a phone with.

Thankfully there is the option to remove the stylus, which is the one I instantly swapped over to :

Two options for your endcap on the TI Ballpoint
Two options for your endcap on the TI Ballpoint
Two options for your endcap on the TI Ballpoint

Option 2 above adds a very smart finish to the pen over that what I see as a dated and purposeless stylus.

Back to the start then, everything looks good.  The pen arrives well packaged and even comes with a nice sleeve to keep it in.  The pen itself is quite heavy and finished in a sleek matt black.

TI Ballpoint Packaging
TI Ballpoint Packaging
TI Ballpoint Packaging
TI Ballpoint Protective Sleeve
TI Ballpoint Protective Sleeve

So for the writing then – if you are not used to a heavy pen, this will take some getting used to, personally I like a heavy pen so this suits me well.  The weight may be an issue for some, but balance is more important.  When holding the pen it feels right, the grip is good and although heavy it is properly balanced throughout its length.  Further than that it comes with a Fisher Space Pen refill – my personal choice for everyday writing.  The ink flows well, and at any angle, I know I can pick up this pen and start writing on anything and it will just start the ink flowing.  Perfect for everyday use.

So everything is good so far – we have a well presented pen, substantially made, nicely finished, with a good balance and great choicce of standard refill.  It is a pricely item at $75 – although they often appear in seasonal sales but then it is Titanium – which itself is a pricely element.  So everything is good right?

That is still to be determined and I will come back to it again soon.  The only issue I can see is with the finish.  I have stated above that it is ”nicely finished’ and I stand over that – it is nicely finshed, the matt black looks sleek and professional – I do have questions regarding its durability though.  Obviously being titanium it is strong – very strong.  It is going to take a lot to damage it – structure and shape wise.  The issue I see is with the finish – the powder coated black finish’s durability is questionable.  I already have some very noticable scratches and marks and that is from normal use, at a desk, and when not in use I have had it in my pocket in its protective sleeve.  So if that is marking it after its initial first uses what will it be like in a number of months.  Remember that the RRP on this pen is $75 it certainly isn’t a one use or throwaway item.  Of course I could be over reacting but only time will tell.

So far I am more than happy with my £15 bargain and I will update soon on if I would have been happy enough at $75 – and of course how the pen has held out after a bit more use.

The official website of the TI Ballpoint Pen : https://bigidesign.co 

This review is my own, I purchased this pen with my own money.  I am not an affliate, am not receiving comission and the views expressed here are my own.

TI Ballpoint Pen

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