2018 Faugheen 50 Road Races Results

Faugheen 50 Road Races
Faugheen 50 Road Races

This weekend saw the road racing schedule return to the Republic of Ireland for the Faugheen 50 Road Races.

As you will see from the results below Derek McGee remains the man to beat with 14 wins, from his last 14 entries.  Impressive!  This weekend’s stats are simply 5 entries – 5 wins!

Derek McGee makes it 14 out of 14 and 5 out of 5 at the 2018 Faugheen 50

Read on for the results of the 2018 Faugheen 50 Road Races :

Here are all the results from all the races as they happened :

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And importantly we had a safe days racing…



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