2019 Cookstown 100 Results

The 2019 Irish Road Racing Season got off to a flying start at Cookstown over 26th and 27 April 2019.  

With Storm Hannah still showing her venom bringing heavy rain and strong winds right up to the latter part of the morning, the fact that the Cookstown club managed to run a full program is even more impressive.  A great days racing that was unfortunately finished just a little bit to early as the feature race, the eight lap Cookstown 100, was red flagged on its first attempt due to weather – resulting in a five lap restarted race – which was red flagged due to a race incident. 

Derek McGee looking for another win at the 2019 Cookstown 100 Derek McGee looking for another win at the 2019 Cookstown 100

More importantly though no one was seriously hurt over the event and even though the final race was red flagged there was a full schedule and pretty constant day of all day racing.

Guess who decided to match that flying start?  Yep, Derek McGee, Derek Shiels, Adam McLean and Michael Sweeney! All were lapping in the Superbike race within 0.3s of each other and less than a single second separated the four at the end of an unfortunately red flagged race (twice). 

Derek Shiels off to an impressive start to his 2019 Road Racing Season at the Cookstown 100 Derek Shiels off to an impressive start to his 2019 Road Racing Season at the Cookstown 100


For Friday’s Practice and Qualifying Session Timings Click Here.

For Friday’s Race Session Results Click Here.

There was a little bit of chopping and changing off the schedule over the day due to the ever changing weather conditions.  Something which the organisations managed really well and a lesson others could learn well:  

Get the right bikes out at the right time as the conditions allow.  

Remember the only red flag due to weather that we had was in the final race.  This was in a  day that the only precipitation we didn’t have was probably snow!

Paul Jordan showed a strong start to his 2019 Season Paul Jordan showed a strong start to his 2019 Season

The results as published below represent the running order from the Official Race Program – along with the races that got carried over from the Friday evening session as well.

Stay up to date with all the race timings, lap times, splits...everything with the Speedhive app - available from the iOS App Store here :

2019 Cookstown 100 Friday Results : 26/04/2019

2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races
2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races

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Only two of the planned four races 2019 ran tonight after the weather closed in on Cookstown.  We have literally had a scorching Easter period in Northern Ireland this year and then for the first day of road racing it decides to change to the exact opposite of what we had and get wet, miserable and cold.  Things are to get even worse overnight with the approaching ‘Storm Hannah

However – don’t panic just yet – it looks like things will improve a little – it’ll not be glorious – but it will hopefully be dry tomorrow for race day!

This is the timeline for 26/04/2019 – 27/04/2019 – so it looks like a wet night and a wet start but things should improve in the later part of the morning.

2019 Cookstown 100 Weather Forecast
2019 Cookstown 100 Weather Forecast

But, you came here for race results so without further ado – here we go :

If you want to check out the qualifying results and timings they are all here for you too : https://tbni.blog/2019/04/26/2019-cookstown-100-qualifying-session-results-26-04-2019/

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2019 Cookstown 100 Qualifying Session Results : 26/04/2019

2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races
2019 Cookstown 100 Road Races

The Irish Road Racing Season is officially back!  The 2019 season is, as is customary, kicked off with the Cookstown 100.  Today is the dominated by Practice and Qualifying and a few races to wrap the night up.

Qualifying has just finished so here are all the results and timings that will set things up for tomorrow’s race day!

It’s great to be back on the roads, and here’s to a safe, incident free and exciting 2019 for all riders, teams, events, marshals, spectators, fans, teams… you get it – here’s to 2019!

Cookstown 100 Official Twitter Feed : https://twitter.com/cookstown100

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Change your PSN Username (PS4)

PSN Username Changes Now Available
PSN Username Changes Now Available

Today, finally you can now change your PSN (PS4) username.  So for all of us gamers that have been rocking a username that we have had from our youth we can now mature it up a touch.

However, be warned, it all isn’t good news.  The first change is free, but subsequent changes will cost you.

A PSN+ Member will be charged £3.99 for each change after the first.

A Non-PSN+ Member will be charged £7.99 for each change after the first.

Not only that, the changes will only work on PS4 :

PS3, PS Vita and PS/TV games and apps do not support the online ID change feature

Then the really bad news.  Some games will simply not play nicely with username changes – a few of particular note are Grand Theft Auto V, Little Big Planet 3 and Just Dance 2017.

“All PS4 games originally published on or after April 1, 2018 have been developed to support the online ID change feature. However, since they have not all been specifically tested with the feature, we cannot guarantee that they will support it. For more details and information, we encourage you to refer to the list of tested games before making a change to your online ID. Do keep in mind that the large majority of most actively played PS4 games support the feature.”

Before you change anything you really should have a look at this post from Sony which details all known issues, ranging from minor to ‘critical.’  Eek!



Some of the issues that can arise include losing “progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards Trophies”, your previous Online ID remaining visible to you and other players, parts of games not functioning properly “both online and offline”.

Sony says that you also “may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency”.

However, the company claims that that reverting back to your old ID should resolve most issues that arise.

So how do I do it?

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Amazon Alexa now Supporting Apple Music in the UK

The USA have had Apple Music support on their Amazon Alexa / Echo devices since 17th December 2018.  In the UK (& Ireland) we had to wait, but that wait is now over and the good news is Amazon Alexa / Echo is now supporting Apple Music in the UK and Ireland!

Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo Devices
Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo Devices

Read the original TBNI.Blog Post here:

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2019 Isle of Man TT Race Winners’ Payout

2019 Isle of Man TT Prize Breakdown
2019 Isle of Man TT Winners’ Payouts

Check out the new updated post with updated information for the 2020 TT Races : https://tbni.blog/2020/01/13/2020-isle-of-man-tt-prize-breakdown-race-winners-payout/

The 2019 Isle of Man TT is quickly approaching and it is now only a couple of months of away.

The TT Races are often described as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ – which then leads to the question ‘how much does this greatest show pay its winners?’

Since 2017 I have been asking and answering this question on this blog – each year I manage to gather a little more information to pass around and this year is no different.

But one of the most discussed topics is how much do these guys / girls get for winning the TT?  You might be surprised, but one thing that is very important; for the majority – if not all the competitiors – it isn’t about the cash – it’s about the prestige.

This year I bring you everything – it all – every bit of information made available to the competitors in the Regulations Handbook.

Have a read – it is full of really interesting information, but if all you came here for is the TT Races Prize Breakdown I can bring you that straight away…

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