Ring Alarm Review (& Unboxing)

Ring Alarm Review
Ring Alarm Review

Ring Alarm Review & Unboxing :

Price at time of Purchase : £239 for the seven piece set. If you are interested in Ring Devices read on for the TBNI Ring Alarm Review.

Ring are well know for their video doorbells that let you check on who is calling at your door from anywhere in the world in live time and even let you communicate with the caller. There are cheaper video doorbells but I think it is fair to say that Ring are the market leaders, but that is not all they do.

The Ring Security eco-system contains, indoor and outdoor cameras from simple what you see is what you get cameras to cameras with spotlights and even flood lights and sirens. They all work seamlessly with Smart Home Assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home – however unfortunately they have not crossed over into Apple’s HomeKit yet despite promises and teasers for the last couple of years.

The App :

All Ring Devices are managed under the Ring App which does a pretty decent job of letting your organise your devices however you wish and letting you check the view from any of them with a few simple clicks. It all works well.

Pricing :

But this well working doesn’t come without a price, thankfully that price is pretty reasonable, for example an annual subscription for the Ring Video Door Bell is £25, and for £80 you get a year’s subscription for as many Ring Devices as you own. For me that £80 subscription covers the doorbell, an outdoor camera and the newly (end of 2019 in the UK) released Ring Alarm. (You can buy and use the alarm with no subscription but then there is no notifications sent outside of the app should the alarm be activated.

After a few hiccups with my ageing alarm system I decided to give the Ring Alarm a try. At it’s release the price was a reasonably constant £249 for the alarm, a door / window sensor and a motion sensor, so I was pretty pleased to find it for £239 with an extra door / window sensor and an extra motion sensor.

Set Up :

Ring Alarm Review : Contents of the box

Installation could not be more simple and takes at the very most 15 minutes. You simply mount or place the alarm / siren box somewhere – it can be mounted by screws, 3M strips or on its own stand which is particularly handy if you were opting for mounting it on a hall table or similar. All options are included.

The same goes for the keypad, use the included stand and have a portable keypad (as it is wireless) or opt for screwing it to the wall or using the 3M strips for a more permanent or semi permanent option.

After a simple connection to your own wifi network and pairing of the sensors to the base unit and you are good to have them mounted. The instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. Again you can mount your sensors using the included 3M sticky pads or mount them more permanently with the included screws and fixings. Choose your PIN and add the alarm to your Ring App and you are go to go, it really is that simple.

The alarm can then be armed and disarmed from the keypad or the app, and as you would expect with the app you can arm or turn off your alarm from anywhere. You can add multiple users to your alarm system and you will get instant Push notifications to your phone or smart watch when the status of your alarm changes such as armed, disarmed or activated. IF the alarm is activated the app will tell you where and how such as tripping the sensor or the sensor being tampered with. It all works seamlessly.

If you opt to pay for the subscription (£80 / year – which allows you to add as many Ring devices as you wish for no further charge) you can then add 2 people who will be notified on an activation (and in the USA this service is actually much better as the alarm is actively monitored and can even have Police dispatched should they be required.) This is in addition to the Push notifications that will get automatically sent to your app or smart watch.

Ring Alarm Review

Durability is pretty good…

Since installing it I have only experienced one incident and it shows how well put together the elements of the alarm are. I cleaned the wall with rubbing alcohol as mentioned in the instructions and mounted the sensor that monitors the front door. However this damaged the paint and made the patch useless for sticking the sensor too as I shortly found out. The sensor was mounted about 8 or 9 feet from the wooden floor and it soon fell down. I was out of the house at this time and the alarm was armed. I received the instant notification that there had been a tampering incident with the front door’s sensor. On my return to the house the sensor was lying in two halves on the floor. (It does spilt open to enable battery changes). It went back together with no issues and worked perfectly so the elements of the alarm are well constructed.

Another nice feature of the system is that all elements tie in together. So if your alarm activates you can set your other Ring devices to automatically start recording such as the Ring Stick Up Cam below.

Ring Alarm Review

Conclusion :

In conclusion this is an easy product to recommend, it is set up easily, is relatively inexpensive and is expandable to suit your home. The base station, if activated, emits a siren tone of 104 decibels and some Home Insurance Companies will offer a discount if you have an alarm installed, some now recognise the Ring Alarm in their discount program so it is worth checking with your insurer. Hopefully soon Ring will introduce an external siren that connects with the alarm.

You can buy the Ring Alarm System at Amazon :


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