Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2020 Irish Photo Rally

Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2020 Irish Photo Rally
Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2020 Irish Photo Rally

The 2020 Irish Photo Rally has now been announced by the Iron Butt Association Ireland. So if you are looking for something fun to do on the island of Ireland this year then this may be the calling you are looking for.

This year the theme is ‘The End of the Line’ and features railways all throughout Ireland, past and present.

There are 15 locations to visit across Ireland between now and the end of September 2020 so plenty of time to get all over the island, as the map shows you will be everywhere.

Not only that, from April to September the IBA Ireland releases one other spot that is only valid for that month – ‘The Brief’ which will be another point of interest somewhere in Ireland. This year they have been kind enough to give some hints as to where ‘The Brief’ will be located so you can plan your trips to take in a few of the 2020 Irish Photo Rally points as well.

The entry is a very fair 10 Euros and I guarantee you will see places you had no idea even existed.

Full details are available on the Official Iron Butt Association Ireland Website.

You can keep up to date with news and announcements on the Official Iron Butt Association Ireland Facebook Page.

Finishing the Iron Butt Association Ireland 2020 Irish Photo Rally and the monthly ‘Briefs’ will probably put a couple of thousand miles on your bike, but every one of them will have a purpose of a very rewarding completion of the rally.


Oh and in case you were wondering you don’t have to be an IBA Member to complete in this rally, although if you enjoy this you really should considering having a look at the qualifying rides that will make you a member, one specific to Ireland is a full lap of the island within 24 hours – that is an epic day out! (I have done it twice so if you would like to read a little more about those trips you can do so right here.)

If you would like an idea of where previous rallies took you then please read on…

2019 took participants across the history of mining in Ireland and below you will find a quick slide show of the locations that that rally brought participants too.

Iron Butt Association Ireland

2018 was all about bridges and regardless of the fact that that rally has long since ended just have a look at this slide show and I’m you’ll notice a few sites that are well worth visiting – just to visit them!

Iron Butt Association - Ireland

Safe journey and have fun!


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