Honda Super Cub Cover : Oxford Aquatex Review

Honda Super Cub Cover : Oxford Aquatex Review :

Honda C125A Super Cub :

There is no doubt the Honda C125 Super Cub is a thing of beauty. The throw back to the original Honda Super Cub is obvious and it has an iconic styling that has stood the test of time.

In continuous manufacture since 1958 with production surpassing 60 million in 2008, 87 million in 2014, and 100 million in 2017,[2] the Super Cub is the most produced motor vehicle* in history.[3] Variants include the C100, C50, C70, C90, C100EX and C70 Passport, as well as the Honda Trail series.
By Mj-bird - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Mj-bird – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
2018 Honda Super Cub
2018 Honda Super Cub

So, you have the iconic bike, with the iconic styling, now it is up to you to make sure you keep it looking as iconic as possible and protect it from the elements as best you can.

Inside or Outside :

For most people that will mean one of two things, keeping the bike protected from the elements outside, or protecting it whilst stored inside.

Personally I am lucky enough that I need the protection for the bike whilst it is being stored in my garage. So the commentary on this post will refer mostly to keeping the bike inside.

That is obviously a much less harsh environment than what the raw elements could throw at it, but even if you bike is stored in a garage it is definitely worth considering keeping it under cover whilst inside.

In my case the garage is basic, the bike is not in a bubble, there is no dehumidifier, no heating, no climate control. It is a basic standalone brick garage. The temperature variations are pretty big as are humidity levels. In winter the temperature can reach a few degrees above freezing, in summer it can reach the mid 20s. Last week alone the humidity levels have ranged between 53% and 91%.

Not only that but it is a working garage. Other appliances are in there so there is foot traffic as well as the fact that my go to BMW is in there too.

So for me a cover offers an additional level of protection, over what the garage already offers from the elements. It protects from dust and debris in the garage, protects from anything brushing against the bike and protects from the temperature range in the garage which during the cooler periods of the rear could result in condensation. All of this protection comes in below £20GBP.

Oxford Aquatex Outdoor Motorcycle Cover
Oxford Aquatex Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Sizing :

It is important to get the correct size of cover that suits the machine. Whilst waiting on this cover to arrive I was using a cover that was sized for my 2002 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin, which is obviously much bigger that the Super Cub. The result is that the cover hangs untidily over the bike and adds to the chances of the cover getting accidentally caught up or tugged at in day to day life that could result in damage to the bike. From scratching it or on a bad day tugging if off its stand and resulting in a drop. Neither would be great.

Get a cover sized for your machine. I purchased a ‘Small’ for the Super Cub and it fits perfectly.

The Sizing Chart is available here :

Oxford Aquatex Features :

As you can see this cover shields the motorcycle from :

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sun / UV
  • Dust

Whilst inside the main ones for me are Sun / UV – as you don’t want the sun to bleach that lovely red seat and and dust – dust leads to scratches.

Other noteworthy features of the Oxford Aquatex are :

  • Tough outer material shields against dirt, weather and light knocks.
  • Elasticated base and adjustable belly strap hold cover in place. (There is good sized buckle that passes underneath the bike and will ensure the cover remains place in the wind. The cover will rip before this buckle would give up and the cover will not easily rip.)
  • Strategically positioned holes facilitate the use of a chain lock (important for indoor storage also.)
  • Double stitched material (adding further weather and inclement weather protection.)
  • Convenient storage case (making it easy to take it on your trips away.)
Honda C125 Super Cub
Honda C125 Super Cub

The lead you can see going under the seat is an Oxford Oximiser 900. You can see read more about this trickle charger and its installation here :

The Oxford Aquatex Cover fits the Honda C125 Super Cub superbly. It is shaped which is a welcome change from covers which are often just big sheets with an elasticated bottom. This one is tapered down towards the rear and actually rises and widens to take in and cover the handlebars neatly. Its strong construction offers a good level of protection from everyday happenings around the bike.

I can’t comment on its outdoor performance however if given the option of no cover or a cover, this is an easy choice. The buckle and thick material will protect from the elements and the elasticated base combined with that strong buckle will help it remain in place when the wind picks up.

As an indoor cover I can’t really think of anything more you would need and when you consider the £20GBP price tag it really is a no brainer. And as you can see, the installed trickle charger lead has little impact.

Oxford Aquatex Cover on a Honda C125 Super Cub
Oxford Aquatex Cover on a Honda C125 Super Cub

Please excuse the mess of the of the garage, but as I said it is a real world, working garage, I would love the luxury of a dedicated motorcycle garage but hey ho.

You can find the full range of Oxford Motorcycle Covers Here :

One Final Point : Humidity :

If humidity is an issue or concern for you here is a tip. Take some stockings (the colour or denier is up to you) and fill it with cat litter. Tie the end and place it under the cover of the bike. The floor is fine – don’t put it on the paint or body work. It will act as a dehumidifier. When the cat litter can take no further moisture – it’ll be wet or starts to smell just replace it with some fresh stuff. There you have a cheap solution to a common garage problem. No kitten or cat is required!

Kitty Litter as a Dehumidifier
Kitty Litter as a Dehumidifier

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