Secrid Twinwallet Review : A Year Later

Secrid Twinwallet Review :

Disclosure : This review is from my usage and experience with a Secrid Twin Wallet that I purchased myself. This is not a paid review, nor requested by any party. Links to the Official Secrid Website are just that, links, for your convenience. Links to Amazon are affiliate links that help in the running of this website. You are under no obligation to use them and it will cost you nothing either way. Any purchases made through my Amazon links are however gratefully received. Thanks for your support.

Secrid Wallets : Secrid Twinwallet Review
Secrid Wallets : Secrid Twinwallet Review

Minimalist wallets are in, they have been for quite some time, so if you haven’t made the switch yet – believe me it is time to do so.

At the top of the minimalist wallet game you will find ‘Secrid‘ and when you start researching you will see that there is a full range of options for you to choose from, and that range caters for a wide spread of, I don’t know, ‘carry capacities’?

Personally, before I moved to my Secrid Wallet my previous wallet was a behemoth. It had bank cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, dozens of old receipts and business cards and even occasionally some cash. Remember cash? Thats’s how we used to pay for goods and services before Covid-19.

All of hose things at the time seemed totally essential. When I decided that I was going to try out a minimalist wallet I thought I was going to struggle, I needed what was in my wallet after all that’s why it was in my wallet and why I carried it around with me everyday.

The truth however is very different, most of it was rarely touched. In fact all I ever really did was add to its bulk for no reason. I needed a couple of cards and a couple of loyalty cards. That’s it, but at the time I couldn’t see that.

So after some research I decided that to convert to a minimalist wallet I would convert to the biggest one that that they did – the Secrid Twin Wallet.

Secrid Twin Wallet : Secrid Twinwallet Review
Secrid Twin Wallet : Secrid Twinwallet Review

The foundation of every Secrid wallet is the ‘Card Protector‘ – it even operates as a standalone unit for those who want the absolute minimum in their daily wallet.

Secrid Cardprotector
Secrid Cardprotector

“The most minimal wallet and the heart of all Secrid products. The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use. The aluminium casing protects from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication (RFID safe).”

And it is that ‘patented mechanism’ that makes Secrid products stand out from the rest. It is brilliant. A genuine Secrid wallet feels great, the mechanism is smooth and tight, it holds the cards, even one card, perfectly securely. Your wallet being upside down will not result in its contents making an escape bid for the floor. It is honestly brilliant. Others have tried to copy it, but they just don’t come close. Don’t even bother with a fake, they feel horrible, the mechanism is tough and grinds, it is just terrible.

From the Card Protector the range then develops to the ‘Cardslide’ – I haven’t actually seen these for sale in the flesh.

Secrid Cardslide
Secrid Cardslide

“Configure the three elements of the Cardslide to your liking. Combine the Cardprotector, Moneyband and Slide for extra space to carry business cards, cash and any smaller personal goods. Use only the Cardprotector together with a Moneyband to hold some extra banknotes or receipts. Or go minimal with just the Cardprotector, it’s up to you.”

Then we move to the more ‘traditional’ wallets. They all still feature the Card Protector but the casing or coverings starts to change.

The Miniwallet :

Secrid Miniwallet
Secrid Miniwallet

“Small in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity, the Miniwallet combines the best of both worlds. The exterior holds banknotes, receipt and cards, while the aluminium Cardprotector allows you to slide out cards with one simple motion and protects them from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.”

The Slimwallet :

Secrid Slimwallet
Secrid Slimwallet

“Its slim profile makes the Slimwallet fit perfectly into every pocket. The open exterior is cut extra wide to hold cards, banknotes and receipts. The Cardprotector mechanism allows you to slide out cards with one simple motion, while the aluminium protects your cards from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.”

The Twinwallet :

Secrid Twinwallet
Secrid Twinwallet

“With two Cardprotectors, the Twinwallet stores twice as much while allowing you to access specific cards quickly. Together with its sturdy closure and exterior, to hold extra cards, banknotes and receipts, the Twinwallet holds much but remains compact in size.”

So it was the Twinwallet for me and at the time of writing it has been my everyday wallet for the last year.

Once I got over the initial shock of moving from my monstrously large (in comparison) wallet, and selecting only 12 cards to keep on me I was completely converted.

No longer do I walk about as if there is a small book in my pocket, the Secrid Twinwallet, although the largest in the range is still small, and comfortable, but more so – functional and one of those functions is that it stops you carrying about and gathering up loads of pointless paperwork and cards that never do nor will see the light of day.

For the last year my wallet has had what I needed. It’s brilliant not carrying a load of rubbish about stuffed in your wallet – honestly, make the jump!

The wallet still looks great – every now and then I treat it to a touch of leather cleaner and leather balm and it has paid off, it still looks (and smells amazing). The card protectors still look superb too, even being in my pocket every day they still show no signs of wear or scratches / damage. The mechanism is as smooth as day one and as functional as day one. On that note the wallets come with an individual serial number which you can register online and it gets you a tasty three year warranty.

I rarely carried cash and now with Covid and the availability of contactless payment I even more rarely ever have notes on me, but the wallet will comfortable take some cash. It’ll take a few coins as well, but I would limit the coin use. Too many will cause the leather to stretch and can leave imprints in the soft leather, and we don’t want that!

Secrid Twin Wallet : Secrid Twinwallet Review
Secrid Twin Wallet : Secrid Twinwallet Review

I honestly have no bad points with this product.

But I plan on changing it soon. In fact I already have the replacement – a Secrid Miniwallet.

I have learnt that I don’t even need the Twinwallet – I can comfortably go smaller. Most of the cards in the Teinwallet sat in the same way as they did in my previous wallet – unused.

I have a core 5/6 cards that get used. They will be making it into my new Secrid Miniwallet. With my increasing use of Apple Wallet and Apple Pay I am more than happy that I am ready for my minimalist wallet to get even more minimal.

That’s not to take away from the Twinwallet – it’s like training wheels / stabilisers to show you you can do it, but just give you a little comfort whilst you make the transition.

If all this sounds good your next dilemma is to decide what variant, colour scheme and finish to get because honestly there are dozens and something for everyone, check out the Official Secrid Website and good luck in your choosing!

Enjoy your minimalist wallet!


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