An Impressive 2018 TT for TBNI.Blog

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I would just like to put a quick note of thanks out there to all my regular visitors, and my new, for popping into the site over the 2018 TT Festival period.

The TT Period is always a busy one for the website but this year’s race week brought unprecedented visitors to the site.

Twitter figures were a bit down on last year, however last year I was flat out live tweeting the races, this year I wasn’t so would have expected a dip in impressions and engagements over Twitter.

TBNI Twitter 2018 TT Festival Stats

Facebook figures were really positive, with the Page gaining an extra 88 followers, on race week, taking the current live total to 696 and increasing the following by 13.4%!

TBNI Facebook Likes June 2018

The total number of active website followers is just short of 1,000.

The TBNI.Blog website itself brought in 14,000 unique visitors over the TT fortnight – over 3,000 on Race Week’s Thursday (just before the Senior TT), and 2,300 + unique visitors on Friday’s Senior Day.

The growth over the TT Fortnight was truly staggering and really positive moving forward, so if you are one of the new users, please bookmark the site and call back soon!

TBNI.Blog Monthly Hits 2018

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