‘Durable’ iPhone 4s Case – Thoughts / Reviews and Photos…

So to start this is an eBay case, and it ranges massively in price from seller to seller, expect to pay about £7.00 including post and packaging for this case, anything more and you are being ripped off.  The best sellers also have it in pretty much every colour you could ever want.  As you can see I have opted for the ‘dark blue’ option, thinking that it looked very like the Subaru WR Blue shade of blue, in actual fact as you can probably tell from the photos it is a good bit lighter than WR Blue.

I am a big fan of hard and tough cases, and this definitely ticks those boxes.  It is tough and hard, it is after all metal, and whats more you need an ‘Allan’ key to put the thing together.

I have never needed a tool before to put a case together before but it only takes about a minute to have this on.


Place the phone in the case, set on the back piece and secure it with the four screws.

Instantly you will get the impression that this case is hardcore, it feels really strong, and stable, and forgetting how comfortable it looks, it actually is comfortable to hold.

The reason I bought this is due to a story a friend told me about what happened his, he dropped it on rocks at the beach and watch as it fell about 15 feet off the rocks, bouncing the whole way down before landing rather comfortably in the sand.  After a good clean and inspection, everything was working 100% and more importantly unmarked.  Now obviously there was an element of luck in there as the phone never hit its screen, but to be fair there is very little that can ensure the safety of a smartphone screen other than ensuring you don’t drop it!

Having heard this story and having felt the case on the phone I would believe this to be entirely possible.  (With it being a eBay case don’t expect to see any GB or EY kite marks or claims as to what it has been tested against).

One point to note thought is that I put this case on over the top of a Zagg Invisibleshield full body shield, I can’t recommend these enough, and had the case on for a week or so, when I took it off the four corners of the rear of the case had left deep impressions in the shield, however as you would expect from a  Zagg within a day these had gone and the shield had cured itself.  It is because of these though that I would be wary of putting this case on a ‘naked’ phone.  I would hate to think that these impressions could actually lead to damage on an unprotected phone.  I have tried to research this and it isn’t mentioned in any other reviews as a problem.

One final thought is that all ports are unprotected and open to the elements, so it will offer no kind of weather proofing at all.  You could of course purchase dust covers for £0.99 and that will give you a little protection for the ports.



Final Thoughts:

The Good:

  1. Feels incredibly tough.
  2. Looks excellent (almost like a prototype).
  3. Goes together smoothly and easily.
  4. Huge range of colours available.
  5. Cheap.

The Bad : 

  1. No port protection.
  2. Left harsh markson Zagg InvisibleShield
  3. Needs an ‘Allan’ key to be put together and taken apart (could be bad if you lost it).

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