21st September 2012 – iPhone 5 Launch Day – Unboxing and Quick Thoughts!

Any Apple Launch Day now is a big one, and this one was the biggest so far.  Queues have been reported as 83% bigger for this release of the iPhone 5 than they were for last years iPhone 4s’ event.

I have to agree with this, as I opted to sleep in a little as last year wasn’t really that much of an issue, so when I arrived at the queue this morning at a little after 05.30 am at the Apple Store, Victoria Square, Belfast I was horrified and also a little impressed to see no less than 300 people already in the queue!

At shortly after 11am I left the store with a little bag containing a white 32Gb iPhone 5 – Sweet!

And that is exactly what it is – SWEET!

To be fair I have only just put the front and rear protectors on it and housed it in my favourite case ever – a Griffin Survivor, and it is just pretty much now completed its restore from iCloud so it looks like it will be tomorrow before I get a good play with it.  In the meantime here is a little gallery of the unboxing of the iPhone 5 :

One final thing that I will say is a few of the immediate difference you see:

1.  Although it has only went from 3.5″ to 4″ in screen size, this increase in screen real estate is noticeable – very and welcome – very!

2.  It is lighter.  Instantly lighter.

3.  The screen is beautiful.  (If you have a 4s or 3rd Generation iPad you already know this).

4.  The panorama feature of the camera is awesome.  Obviously there have been really good apps doing this for a while now, but this is pretty decent for a built in app.

5.  YouTube is gone, but available in the AppStore, so get it downloaded immediately.

6.  Apple maps are currently a bit crap.  Update your Garmin in the meantime, and hope Google Maps brings out an app!


Oh and if anyone was curious, the queue ended up at around 500! No recession in Belfast apparently



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