iPhone 5 Cygnett Bulldozer Case Unboxing

I picked this case up a while ago, actually I attempted to pick it up in time for the iPhone 5 release, however due to some absolutely shocking customer services from the company I ordered it from it arrived almost 2 months after release.  It was obviously sent straight back, not before I took the opportunity to take a look at the case and make some initial first impressions.

I have to stress straight away though that the case was returned not because of the quality of the case, but purely due to the atrocious  Customer Services, and lies that I received.  (Item marked as dispatched – item never arrived, assured item posted, item never arrived, item marked as out of stock, no replacement available, item comes into stock, item marked again as dispatched, repeat contact through to no stock available through to available again, so third item arrives, and from follow up there was never an item 1 or 2, as the company had never actually had stock until the arrival of the third!) – Anyway rant over!

The case itself…

It is a silicon case, with all associated qualities, in that it will offer knock protection, a small amount of drop protection, no screen protection is built in, however a screen shield is included in the packaging, and all ports are open and accessible.

So it will not offer and water, or dust protection in relation to the open ports.

However the ports are well cut, and offer great accessibility to the charger cable and ear phones, the silicon is rather thick which is good, I personally hate the floppy silicon covers and this added rigidity adds to the protection afforded by the case, the, the ‘Silent’ switch although tucked away by the raised silicon is still easily accessible and no reduction in function was noticed.

The camera port is well open, again the raised lip of silicon will protect the lens when the phone is sitting ‘back down,’ however the silicon does not affect the camera leaving no unwanted shadow when photographing, and I did not notice any flash disruption, too many cases will give a wash of the case (which in this case would be orange).

Speaking of the raised lip of silicon this is also present on the face of the phone and will protect the screen when placed face down.

The only thing I feel should be pointed out about this case is in relation to its name.  It has been Christened ‘Bulldozer’ giving the impression of a tough case.  It isn’t.  It is a nice well produced silicon case, that leaves the likes of the £1.99 eBay specials lying in its wake.  It is however nothing in the realms of a hardcore case.

When compared against a case such as the Griffin Survivor, Ballistic HC or Otterbox Defender you will easily see that this is not a tough case.  It would more suitable be compared with a case such as the Otterbox Commuter.

Maybe they simply called it a Bulldozer because it is orange.

So in conclusion this is a fine case, very well made and finished, if you are into packaging and product presentation it excels at this too.  However it is a silicon case, that will a decent degree of protection, probably more than the normal user will ever require, however if it is a tough hardcore case you are looking for I suggest you look elsewhere.

The Unboxing :

 photo P1020151_zps99530875.jpg photo P1020152_zpsfc4df60d.jpg photo P1020153_zps93c6155a.jpg
 photo P1020154_zps26a03dc6.jpg photo P1020155_zps3198dbdc.jpg photo P1020156_zps5bcf9460.jpg
 photo P1020157_zpsc9feea27.jpg photo P1020158_zps83ac5aed.jpg photo P1020159_zpsa4c0b6c8.jpg
 photo P1020161_zps0d0d62db.jpg photo P1020162_zpsd5df0893.jpg photo P1020163_zps76fdf83e.jpg
 photo P1020164_zps46d55e24.jpg photo P1020165_zps599dcbce.jpg photo P1020166_zpsda4bd28b.jpg
 photo P1020167_zps62a57706.jpg photo P1020168_zpsb8c94d3d.jpg photo P1020169_zpsaab15be2.jpg
 photo P1020170_zps97071a16.jpg photo P1020172_zpsb6813640.jpg photo P1020173_zps70703f5e.jpg
 photo P1020174_zpse72e01cf.jpg photo P1020175_zpsa56c14a0.jpg photo P1020176_zps395cc39f.jpg
 photo P1020177_zps50e7529d.jpg


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