An Open Letter to the Company That Complained About Me – You Know Who You Are!

Yesterday I received an email from a Company whose product I had reviewed on this blog. A favourable review may I add, not only a favourable review but a photo gallery dedicated to the product and even a few videos showcasing the product in action.

So in summary I had uploaded a review, gallery and videos as part of a favourable review of a product I completely recommended. A product I know I have effectively sold numerous other units to friends, family and readers of this blog.

How very unforgivable of me!

The email threatened me to remove all links from this site relating to their site. It didn’t mention removing the article just the ‘back link’ that I freely added on this site to theirs. Why did I do that? To make it easier for any readers to find their site.

They complained that my site was adversely affecting theirs. My link to their site was taking hits and potential customers from their site and bringing them to mine. What nonsense. I was not selling their product, nor making a single penny from said link!

And just as a side note, but if a little blog site like this is adversely affecting your site’s visitors you maybe need to look at a better web design team or throwing a few more currency units at your search engine placement. You maybe need to look at your advertising budget as well, considering of course your aversion to free advertising and product endorsements!

I run this blog as a hobby. I personally buy the products that I review. And my reviews are based on use and experience. I am not paid nor would I ever put my integrity on the line by unfairly reviewing any products.

To then be threatened by a company I have endorsed so favourably is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

So after a bit of research I found the problem. If you searched for their product you would have found my site. They obviously didn’t like this. Even though my site unequivocally recommended their product. What absolute nonsense!

So here is my problem. Even after recommending their product, they saw fit to threaten me re the link removal.

How’s about this for an idea. Just ask!

If anyone has any objections on any material on my site or something that they feel should be removed or edited from this site, just let me know. I’m pretty easy going and am not here to upset or offend. But sending threatening emails is just damned unprofessional.

What happened to the idea that any publicity was good publicity. Surely that should ring even more true when the actual publicity was good publicity!

Anyway I have no intention of naming the company as that just takes me lower than them, however I know they will read this. When ‘you’ do please feel free to answer the questions or address the points I have made here as you found it impossible to reply to the email I sent you upon receiving your threats. The purpose of this ‘open letter’ is for me to voice my frustrations at your actions and at least highlight to you the unprofessional manner of your actions. Remember not that long ago you were a small startup looking for support, now you throw dirt in the face of those who have openly supported you.

And finally again, anyone who has any issues with any contents of this site please just email me like a human being, and at the very least I will reply as a human being.

you should be ashamed and embarrassed of yourselves.


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