Otterbox Preserver for iPhone 5s UnBoxing and Video Water Testing

I am always on the search for the ultimate phone case, and with my work and hobbies of riding a motorcycle I require something tough, something that will stand up to the elements and most importantly something that will keep my phone in absolute pristine condition!  Bulk doesn’t bother me and in recent times my favourite case has been the Otterbox Armor.  I had it for my iPhone 5, and it took me from the fine shores of Northern Ireland to the finer shores of Florida.  It took me through every theme park and thunderstorm Florida could offer and it never missed a beat.  Admittedly it was a beast of a case, but I was fine with that.  Nothing was beating it.

Since then and getting an iPhone 5s I have been looking for the same thing.  I have tried many cases since then, most recently was the Tech 21 Special Ops Combat case.  And to be fair to it, it is a crackin’ case!  It felt strong, I trusted it, the only thing it lacked was water resistance and it blocked the fingerprint sensor.  And let’s be honest it is the finger print sensor on a iPhone 5s that differentiates it from a 5.  You have a 5s and you’ll want to be able to use your finger print sensor or at least show it off on occasion.

So now that Otterbox has bought LifeProof and the designs boffins have started working together the inevitable outcome is the Otterbox Preserver.

Anyone who had a Lifeproof Fre case will instantly recognise the Preserver, the similarities are everywhere from the look to the feel, although the preserver feels stiffer, more rigid and just a little bit tougher.  These are all good things, that result in a sleek package.  If you are used to the Armor case this one will feel truly insignificant.

Now I am not one to torture test my phone or a case, plenty of others do that.  I buy a case to prevent my phone being tortured but it is good to know what you are playing with and the stats that the preserver boasts are as follows :

– Two-piece case with snap assembly for easy installation

– Internal foam cushions device and holds it in place inside the caseIncludes an adjustable lanyard for convenient carrying and tethering

– Waterproof: fully submergible up to 6.6 ft. (2 m) for 30 minutes (IP-X8)

– Drop proof: protects device from drops up to 6.6 ft. (2 m)

– Dust proof: blocks entry of dust and debris particles (IP-6X)

I think if I ever find my phone at the upper limits of those stress tests I’m either exceptionally drunk or in a very bad situation, in which case I doubt my phone will be top of my immediate priority list!  I think it is sufficient to say this case is tough, which is reassuring, because again in comparison to the Armor case you have to wonder where the strength is coming from.  But hey it is there.  That is why technology is so cool!

In relation to practicality this case is a gift, it will slide into your pocket without issue, it is still reasonably slim, and the fingerprint sensor works.  Yet the intercity of the waterproof element of the case remains.  This is wholly due to the membrane that covers the sensor.  It is very thin, so that the phone still can detect your print, but won’t let water in and is strong enough so that you have no issues in using the case daily.  Which is a good thing as this case isn’t cheap!  The buttons remain functional, the sleep / wake rocker, and volume buttons seem natural and easily operated however the silent rocker, is a bit of a disaster, just make sure you line up the case correctly when you fit it.

Water testing : This is an important part.  Prior to putting your phone in the case you have to carry out a water test.  This simply involves putting a piece of paper towel into the body of the case and submerging it in water for 30 minutes, if the towel stays dry your case is functioning correctly if it comes out wet, you have a problem.  If it is wet, dry out the case thoroughly.  If the problem persists it is time to contact Otterbox.  It is an easy process and one that I very kindly put a little video together for your reference, it even goes wrong in the video!


Otterbox Preserver for iPhone 5s Unboxing Gallery :

 photo P1080336_zps341a8850.jpg photo P1080337_zpsf79a6c07.jpg photo P1080338_zps656796f1.jpg
 photo P1080339_zps718bd702.jpg photo P1080341_zps5d34d273.jpg photo P1080342_zpsaa2afa57.jpg
 photo P1080343_zpsc2926d5b.jpg photo P1080344_zpsbf27bff8.jpg photo P1080346_zpse7c0e4f4.jpg
 photo P1080347_zps65da8805.jpg photo P1080348_zps903d6446.jpg photo P1080350_zps97a35b8a.jpg
 photo P1080351_zps2e73e5a9.jpg photo P1080352_zpsabd6849f.jpg photo P1080353_zpsf0f61423.jpg
 photo P1080354_zps916a617e.jpg photo P1080356_zpsb4548ed8.jpg photo P1080357_zps86c37320.jpg
 photo P1080358_zps7f83404d.jpg photo P1080359_zpsc7088295.jpg photo P1080360_zps1229c33d.jpg
 photo P1080361_zps14c740fc.jpg photo P1080362_zps2f0be729.jpg photo P1080363_zps98945889.jpg
 photo P1080364_zps512096e9.jpg photo P1080365_zps19972244.jpg
Conclusion :

It is early days but I may have found my alternative to my old time favourite Armor case!  This is a do all case that offers almost unrivalled protection.  If the price tag does;t put you off this case has to be worth considering!


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