Motorcycle Live 2014 – Birmingham NEC

This year I took myself over to Birmingham for what is meant to be one the best Motorcycle Shows in the UK.  It was my first time over and without doubt I will be booking my tickets ASAP for the 2015 Show.

With a great variety of manufacturers present along with pretty much all the accessories you could safely carry away the show has a lot to see and do.

This year the show piece, in fact the show stopper was the Kawasaki H2 and H2R, and when the track ready version was put on the dyne the show literally did stop!  The ear defenders they were handing out were actually a requirement, if you had any sense!  This bike is deafening, more importantly this bike is impressive!

You can check out my YouTube Video of it on the Dyno below  :

Here is a Gallery showcasing some of the other outstanding machines on display – and check out that Honda ‘Prototype’ – is this the new soon to be released Africa Twin! Hell I hope so!

 photo IMG_7419_zps16b57840.jpg photo IMG_7421_zps6e45662f.jpg photo IMG_7422_zpsba52e2b4.jpg

 photo IMG_7423_zpsecea5115.jpg photo IMG_7425_zpsa1968524.jpg photo IMG_7426_zpsc4667a63.jpg

 photo IMG_7428_zps4f2e17ec.jpg photo IMG_7429_zps86e2f427.jpg photo IMG_7430_zps1644f0f4.jpg

 photo IMG_7431_zps06203b2f.jpg photo IMG_7432_zps34c60c6e.jpg photo IMG_7433_zps4b25604f.jpg

 photo IMG_7434_zpsd6e0f634.jpg photo IMG_7435_zps17699842.jpg photo IMG_7436_zps6f7c5076.jpg

 photo IMG_7437_zps7902e477.jpg photo IMG_7438_zps29702353.jpg photo IMG_7439_zps6822402b.jpg

 photo IMG_7440_zpsb7414cf1.jpg photo IMG_7441_zps44e05c54.jpg photo IMG_7443_zps885aef0d.jpg

 photo IMG_7444_zps32a28984.jpg photo IMG_7445_zps56cd7b10.jpg photo IMG_7446_zpsb478645f.jpg

 photo IMG_7447_zps4df742ee.jpg photo IMG_7448_zpscb416977.jpg photo IMG_7449_zps5f40cb3b.jpg

 photo IMG_7450_zps5c6a1a3a.jpg photo IMG_7451_zps2d7c7371.jpg photo IMG_7452_zps6fae5c5f.jpg

 photo IMG_7453_zpsd67bee21.jpg photo IMG_7454_zpsa60fbe13.jpg photo IMG_7455_zpsfb3deb2e.jpg

 photo IMG_7456_zpsae495934.jpg photo IMG_7457_zps33eeef99.jpg photo IMG_7458_zps90b814a8.jpg

 photo IMG_7459_zps849f5f47.jpg photo IMG_7460_zpsfc276376.jpg photo IMG_7461_zpsf23c4303.jpg

 photo IMG_7462_zpsae06bcba.jpg photo IMG_7463_zpsa3057a18.jpg photo IMG_7464_zps83cbed27.jpg

 photo IMG_7465_zpsdb1dd985.jpg photo IMG_7466_zps4e1bc69c.jpg photo IMG_7467_zps55f395b7.jpg

 photo IMG_7468_zps857620c0.jpg photo IMG_7469_zps2431f043.jpg photo IMG_7470_zps5e75307a.jpg

 photo IMG_7471_zpsde9544c8.jpg photo IMG_7472_zps927fbe89.jpg photo IMG_7473_zps5492bcc4.jpg

 photo IMG_7474_zps98dc5e37.jpg photo IMG_7477_zps484709ba.jpg photo IMG_7482_zps8b499270.jpg

 photo IMG_7483_zps5c571504.jpg photo IMG_7484_zpse1960994.jpg photo IMG_7485_zps727d70fd.jpg

 photo IMG_7486_zps8742c77a.jpg photo IMG_7487_zps15a41812.jpg photo IMG_7488_zps085a1d79.jpg

 photo IMG_7489_zps560293b5.jpg photo IMG_7490_zpsdad78d54.jpg photo IMG_7491_zps4d733a0f.jpg

 photo IMG_7493_zps190eb49f.jpg photo IMG_7494_zpsd5eb2ab6.jpg photo IMG_7496_zpsf938d756.jpg

 photo IMG_7497_zps0935e649.jpg photo IMG_7498_zps263ad509.jpg photo IMG_7499_zpse92a7c4a.jpg

 photo IMG_7500_zps964f32e8.jpg photo IMG_7501_zpsc680ea3f.jpg photo IMG_7502_zpsa0f9177e.jpg

 photo IMG_7503_zps053967a0.jpg photo IMG_7504_zpsbd6fc832.jpg photo IMG_7505_zpsf73aeeeb.jpg

 photo IMG_7506_zps18c74dca.jpg photo IMG_7507_zpsd86e4110.jpg photo IMG_7508_zpsa22aca89.jpg

 photo IMG_7509_zps8f678d7b.jpg photo IMG_7510_zps3433630e.jpg photo IMG_7511_zpsc880f769.jpg

 photo IMG_7512_zps3fb830d1.jpg photo IMG_7514_zps2d0ce26c.jpg photo IMG_7515_zps389b9d41.jpg

 photo IMG_7516_zps18acfaa7.jpg photo IMG_7518_zpsc832562a.jpg photo IMG_7519_zps35bb1fb6.jpg

 photo IMG_7520_zps056a6e58.jpg photo IMG_7521_zps56601c12.jpg photo IMG_7522_zpsa5533311.jpg

 photo IMG_7523_zps57271305.jpg photo IMG_7524_zps8bda3425.jpg photo IMG_7525_zpsf811d5c3.jpg

 photo IMG_7526_zps689b90a6.jpg photo IMG_7527_zpsba8aad89.jpg photo IMG_7528_zpsf0e55168.jpg

 photo IMG_7529_zpsf420c35d.jpg photo IMG_7530_zps27d40df8.jpg photo IMG_7531_zps61ee8637.jpg

 photo IMG_7532_zps274f514a.jpg photo IMG_7533_zpsb9bdbad1.jpg photo IMG_7534_zpsaa51c51b.jpg

 photo IMG_7535_zpsb106cd0c.jpg photo IMG_7536_zps70b0c9a5.jpg photo IMG_7537_zps14f3147e.jpg

 photo IMG_7538_zps35a4375b.jpg photo IMG_7539_zpsac7f958e.jpg photo IMG_7540_zpsf66c24f9.jpg

 photo IMG_7541_zpsbad492cf.jpg photo IMG_7542_zps5a388548.jpg photo IMG_7543_zpsdbefff4b.jpg

 photo IMG_7544_zpsdd7180db.jpg photo IMG_7545_zps8815212b.jpg photo IMG_7546_zps1d29397f.jpg


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