Grip Puppies Installation – BMW F800GS Adventure

Grip Puppies are a well regarded, and cheap, addon for your bike that is designed to increase grip and improve comfort mainly by cutting down the vibrations that travel along the handlebars, through your hands and into your arms, often leaving you with that horrid tingling feeling when you get off the bike.

Coming in at a mere £15 they are definitely worth considering.  I have had them on my bike for about 1500 miles and at this stage I can confirm that they absolutely increase comfort and decrease shaky hands at the end of a trip (or even earlier).  For me they don’t eliminate the sensation completely, but they definitely cut it down and ‘recovery’ time is far less.  That has to be a bonus!

There is one negative, if you have heated grips these will decrease the efficiency of them.  The heated grips will still work but it will take noticeably longer for the heat to reach you and they will appear to have a reduced temperature.

Installation is an absolute gift :

Grip Puppies in the Retail Packaging :

 photo P1090668_zpsbbhszdnf.jpg

 photo P1090669_zpssdpeodlv.jpg

1. Firstly measure the Grip Puppy against the grip and trim accordingly.

2. Detach the Hand Guard (if you have them) :

 photo P1090670_zpspjci98ib.jpg

 photo P1090671_zps1jdzxg2h.jpg

3. Get some soapy water and soak the Grip Puppies :

 photo P1090672_zpsu2qsl6o8.jpg

4. Slide the Grip Puppies over the grips, this may take a little forcing, but the soapy water should make it easier :

 photo P1090673_zpsdy9vsgel.jpg

 photo P1090674_zps2oz7uuoy.jpg

5. Reattach the Hand Guards :

 photo P1090675_zpsedlvafnx.jpg

 photo P1090676_zpsfqhozglf.jpg


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