G Shock GD-120-CM-4ER Unboxing

The latest G-Shock to my collection, and a lovely birthday present, is the Red Camo GD-120-CM-4ER. With its large face (one of the XL sizes) and reverse display it has instantly become one of my favourite Gs. Also without doubt it gets the most positive reaction of any of my watches, so far with universal approval from everyone who has spotted it. Having worn it daily for almost a month I have no complaints, the strap has kept its design flawlessly, my only rather minor gripe is that the retaining band, like most gets stained, what starts out as a nice bright red quickly becomes dull and almost dirty looking. Thankfully it is a minor issue, and one that would rarely ever be seen. The important aspect being the strap so far is holding out flawlessly. One final thing, this is not a discreet watch, however Im pretty sure you already know that!

By way of information, in relation to replacements and repairs, a new strap and bezel will be costly, coming in at around £55 for both delivered from Casio.

Wear it, enjoy it!

 photo P1090846_zpst9blcpam.jpg photo P1090847_zpsgie9npfs.jpg photo P1090848_zpsh2t6p9tf.jpg

 photo P1090849_zpsu77vdu5h.jpg photo P1090850_zpsywms83ac.jpg photo P1090851_zpsglqmvtm1.jpg

 photo P1090852_zpsknuijyie.jpg photo P1090855_zpsopzc8qoj.jpg photo P1090856_zpsui3i66wj.jpg

 photo P1090857_zps0at2gkby.jpg photo P1090858_zpsac7eqxtm.jpg photo P1090859_zpskca8brwh.jpg

 photo P1090860_zpsbxchvjoq.jpg photo P1090861_zpsqzn2lc3a.jpg photo P1090862_zpsklrmpxs7.jpg

 photo P1090863_zpsydpigacs.jpg photo P1090864_zpsxbp7ljkb.jpg photo P1090865_zpsbsbtrgpq.jpg

 photo P1090866_zpsmayavp4d.jpg photo P1090867_zps4rxk134z.jpg photo P1090868_zpsknlwyzic.jpg

 photo P1090869_zps7yrjlsit.jpg photo P1090871_zpsf2msrfvv.jpg photo P1090872_zpsvogsxgyj.jpg

 photo P1090873_zpsybd7rw6y.jpg photo P1090870_zps3fzxgjgp.jpg


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