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With my annual trip over to the Gadget Show Live, this year I picked myself up a Pebble Watch.  With the imminent release of the Apple Watch at the time I was curious if a Smart Watch had a place in my life, but the price tag of £299 GBP was more than I was prepared to spend on a effectively what would be a trail.

As is plainly evident from this blog my watch of choice is a G-Shock, so moving to a delicate Smart Watch is a big move.

The deal on the Pebble Watch was great with a show special of £80 so I jumped on the Smart Watch ship.

Pebble Watch Unboxing Gallery :

 photo IMG_8445_zpshpr87wmk.jpg photo IMG_8440_zpsnuzs7nr7.jpg photo IMG_8437_zps8dgljcvc.jpg
 photo IMG_8441_zpsnig2wmpi.jpg photo IMG_8442_zpssnyolx3j.jpg photo IMG_8443_zpsp6tbkeuu.jpg
 photo IMG_8444_zpsvkbxgett.jpg photo IMG_8439_zps66aldqoc.jpg photo IMG_8438_zpsbuswz6vc.jpg

At this point I have had very little use / experience with the watch so I am going to hold off on any sort of actual review until I have had a lot more use with it.  Although I think it is important to point out that for the price is is very capable :

There are so many watch faces to choose from you will absolutely find one that suits you.

The Apps are amazing and it is so much more versatile than I had initially imagined.

It links seamlessly with your phone (for me that is currently an iPhone).

If you use a GoPro it works as a remote – Genius!

it has a degree of waterproofing so it won’t crap out if you go swimming or forget to take it off before a shower.

The battery lasts around a week.

It charges quickly.

The display is so easily read and is backlit.

I’m sure there is a lot more and I will look at the watch more closely in the future.  My better half has purchased herself an Apple Watch so I will also be able to do a  little of comparison to see if the Apple Premium is worth paying.


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