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Time for something just a little different, although different doesn’t necessarily mean bad!  In this case different definitely means cool!

Having been a fan of Undead Teds for quite a while I recently bit the bullet and purchased one.

Why ‘bit the bullet’ you may ask?  That’s easy, these guys are pretty expensive.  By the time you pay for postage and the bear you won’t have much change out of £90 GBP, you may even surpass that mark, the custom bears will put you over £125.

So yeah that definitely is a lot of money for a teddy bear, ‘horrifically cute’ or not, but here’s the thing, when your Undead Ted arrives you will understand the price tag.  These guys are supremely well made.  Taking the bear itself in account, you can tell before (s)he got infected with whatever zombie virus / fungus got them, s(he) was a quality, plush well put together teddy bear.  These guys aren’t some cheap bear, bought on mass, cheaply customised a little and sold for a vast profit.  They have started their zombified lives as a quality item and the quality continues through, leaving you with a zombie teddy bear that is exceptionally well put together.

There are alternatives out there, have a look at them, it does become clear quickly that if you are looking for quality this is the bear you need.

Take then the customisation – the blood is horrendous, and blood being horrendous is good!  It looks like blood, it has been applied so it looks like the ‘injuries’ the bear has have actually occurred, the blood is coming from all the right places, running and dripping where you would expect, clotting as it should and matting the bear’s fur as it would.  It’s pretty gross to be honest, but it’s meant to be.  Considering the other injuries the bear may have (as they vary with each hand made bear) they too are graphic!  My bear for example is a ‘Tongue Dangler,’ his bottom jaw has been ripped off, no doubt by some other psychotic  teddy bear, as a result his tongue is hanging out of his jaw…

Undead Teds - Tongue Dangler
Undead Teds – Tongue Dangler

As you can see, its a pretty horrific injury, but look a little closer, look at the tongue, the detail and look are of flesh, although in reality it is a hard plastic tongue it has a proper look of moist meat.

Now look at his upper jaw, not the teeth you’d expect from a teddy bear, but really have you thought about it, what would a teddy bears teeth look like?  Normally they have their mouths closed!  His mandible and nose have also suffered a terrible injury, the blood looks wet, his fur horribly matted, and his eyes…  he has no eye lids, all of which add to his look.

When you look at the bear’s face it is hard not to be impressed by the level of detail.  The parts used fit the scale of the bear perfectly, his teeth and tongue are perfectly sized, the blood work is detailed and not over used.

In case you missed it, look at his right shoulder, yep that’s the bone of his arm and guess what it looks like bone and even has the blood stains to add to the authenticity and feel that until very recently it had flesh on it.s label

With your bear you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.  This certificate will describe your bear in detail along with his number, which will match his label, all of which adds to the exclusivity of this product.  The only place for this certificate is in a frame, mounted somewhere beside your bear.

Remember though this guy is not a toy.  He is delicate, you can see that especially with his blood work.  He can happily deal with being handled although its not a toy for playing with.

Finally, and one other aspect of these bears and their exclusivity is how you buy them.  Have a look online, eBay and what not, they aren’t there.  Maybe you may get lucky and see on for sale ‘in the wild,’ however that is unlikely.  Not too many owners are likely to sell their bear, considering both their individuality and exclusivity.  If you want one you need to buy one of the website.  But you just can’t go on and click ‘Buy’ and have one sent out to you.  They are released in batches every 7 – 14 days.  A number of individual hand made bears that when they are gone are gone.  You need to be quick.   Thankfully if you follow Undead Teds on Facebook and / Twitter you get a bit of notice of a pending release.  There is also a Mailing List to keep you updated.  Just make sure you are ready to buy at release time.  My bear was the forth one I tried to buy, the other 3 nipped from me as I was trying to check out.

Enjoy the gallery, and if you do decide to purchase feel free to comment on your opinions when your bear arrives, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

Gallery : Undead Teds :

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 photo IMG_0445_zpsorb8mgip.jpg photo IMG_0441_zpsf6e6rikm.jpg


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