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The BMW Club United Kingdom & Ireland – Ulster Section : 2016 Photo Rally.

Well now that the photo rally is over for another year, having met its deadline on 31st October 2016, I will post up my entries for each county.  Just so you can see where I was at, and maybe add a few locations to your list of places to visit should you ever find yourself in Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland…

The bear that keeps featuring is the mascot of the charity that the Club were supporting this year :

Photo Rally Entry Gallery :

Bush Ford, County Antrim, Northern Ireland :

 photo 20160816BushFord1_zpsnjukleiy.jpg
 photo 20160816BushFord2_zpsbkcvm4zu.jpg

Garvagh Memorial Clocktower, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland :

 photo 20160816GarvaghMemorial1_zpsk3ejedn7.jpg
 photo 20160816GarvaghMemorial2_zps3zu8zxeu.jpg

Castle Archdale, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland : 

 photo 20160824CastleArchdale1_zpsumcqchy1.jpg
 photo 20160824CastleArchdale2_zpsqxea8ajx.jpg
 photo 20160824CastleArchdale3_zpsuohsplry.jpg
 photo 20160824CastleArchdale4_zpsithgz0y6.jpg
 photo 20160824CastleArchdale5_zpsth9jx7tv.jpg

Owl At Gortmellan Road, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland : 

 photo 20160824GortmellanOwl2_zps8beyvnfr.jpg
 photo 20160824GortmellanOwl3_zps4rkqnusq.jpg
 photo 20160824GortmellanOwl1_zpsfr5mpuqj.jpg

William McCrum Memorial, County Armagh, Northern Ireland :

 photo 20160824WilliamMcCrumMemorial1_zpszuxmmorz.jpg
 photo 20160824WilliamMcCrumMemorial2_zpspmfd2mt6.jpg

The Mill At Ballydugan County Down, Northern Ireland :

 photo 20160824GortmellanOwl2_zps8beyvnfr.jpg
 photo 20160825BallyduganMill4_zpssvvvgths.jpg
 photo 20160825BallyduganMill2_zps4pocmnfn.jpg
 photo 20160825BallyduganMill3_zpsie4slfgc.jpg
 photo 20160825BallyduganMill1_zpsqxkdwh0s.jpg

Grotto At Meenasrone, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland :

 photo 20160824MeenasroneGrotto1_zpsd9ywptbq.jpg
 photo 20160824MeenasroneGrotto3_zpseagc3ofr.jpg
 photo 20160824MeenasroneGrotto4_zpsbbx3vxs0.jpg
 photo 20160824MeenasroneGrotto5_zps95wzenzh.jpg
 photo 20160824MeenasroneGrotto2_zpsn2wjxxuz.jpg

Essexford Forge, County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland :

 photo 20160421EssexfordForge2_zps6mermcjs.jpg
 photo 20160421EssexfordForge3_zpsvxpnmsf9.jpg
 photo 20160421EssexfordForge1_zpskoj8xq6d.jpg

Rose Cottage, County Cavan, Republic of Ireland :

 photo 20160509RoseCottage3_zpsfq9kuwet.jpg
 photo 20160509RoseCottage1_zps1za1w7i8.jpg
 photo 20160509RoseCottage2_zps8ljufkyh.jpg

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