2018 Armoy Road Races – ‘The Race of Legends’ : Results

Armoy takes up back up towards the North Coast of Northern Ireland, and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the ‘Race of Legends.’

Run over two days the Armoy races consists of a Friday Practice Day (with 2 races at the end of the day) and then Saturday Race Day which was scheduled for 11 Races.  

Unfortunately that was not to be.  

The Saturday Racing was abandoned due to truly atrocious weather.

If for some reason you question this decision, maybe road racing isn’t for you… Safety of all those involved is (and must be) paramount – racing in that is obviously not an option.

Unfortunately this decision was not well received by some ‘fans’ – but honestly if you can sit behind your keyboard or phone looking at that weather and the tragedy that has fallen over the sport recently and call today a ‘farce’ or a ‘shambles’ – honestly you won’t be missed at the next one – or any one after that!

If everything had have went to plan here is what you could have won… but worry not I’m sure as soon as today is over the Club will already be planning for 2019!

Today there are no results to report on, two non related race incidents caused racing to be delayed in the early part of the day (best wishes to all involved) then the horrendous weather took hold and racing had to be abandoned.  Nothing anyone could have planned for, it is what it is – road racing.

Last night there were two races, the Senior Support and the Supersport.  Paul Jordan taking the victory on the Supersport – and I’m am chuffed to say that my name was on the side of the bike.  I think that added extra aerodynamics  to the bike, just shaving off a few 1000s of a second, coupled with everyone else who chipped it, it is great to see the road racing community help out each other to make sure that those who can race – do.

2018 Armoy Road Races ‘Race of Legends’ Results : Friday 27th July 2018 : 

2018 Armoy Road Races : Race 1 : Armoy Construction / PES Senior Support Race :




2018 Armoy Road Races : Race 2 : First4Printing Supersport Race :

2018 Armoy Road Races : Race 2 : First4Printing Supersport Race



Given that so many racers / teams came for the event and didn’t get the opportunity to race today I have added the full results from Friday’s qualifying session so you can at least get the feel of how the riders had started off and maybe give an idea of the dedication and commitment that goes into every event.

2018 Armoy Road Races ‘The Race of Legends’ Qualifying Session Timings : Friday 27th July 2018 : 

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