2019 Apple Event : 25th March 2019 : It’s Showtime : A UK Update

Remember please a couple of things – this is an update for the UK, and I am a self admitted Apple Geek and complete Apple biased!

So with that statement clearly out there, here are my thoughts on the March 25 2019 Apple Event #AppleEvent :

March 25, 2019 - It's Showtime
March 25, 2019 – It’s Showtime

So there we have it – UK you can turn over now.  It’s done.  That is how relevant Apple’s (one of the biggest companies on the Planet) 2019 Keynote was the for the UK – and pretty much the rest of the globe.

Wait!  What!  There is nothing there?

Correct – it really pains me to say that this event was the most ‘USA-Centric‘ Keynote I have ever seen, and if you remove the USA from it and took the small bits that applied to the rest of the planet – well don’t hold your breath – because nothing is coming anytime soon.

What did Apple present and what does it mean for UK / Rest of the World?

  1.  Apple News + : forget about it – USA (and Canada only).  If you are wondering it is a subscription service of over $300 magazine, online or offline, they are all yours for $9.99 / month – but only in America, so forget about it.
  2. AppleCard : probably the greatest looking credit card on the planet.  Forget about it though – it is for the Americans only.
  3. Apple Arcade : meh, not sure a subscription for gaming, most likely global, not really sure.  No pricing, not titles announced and nothing until Fall 2019.  So just forget about it, you have a whole summer ahead of you to get out and enjoy.
  4. AppleTV App Updates * : For the UK it isn’t going to change much, Sky / Virgin etc won’t work from it, you’ll still have to bounce between apps and Netflix, in their current revolt against Apple aren’t likely to want integration any time soon, so really an app update that will still mean our Apple TV is just a really nice streamer.
  5. AppleTV + : A global service, possibly to take on the likes of Netflix.  Loads of proper A List Hollywood Superstars on the stage, but not one single ideawhat any of them will be doing, no previews, no clips, no idea!  Oh and that isn’t coming until Fall 2019 – and nobody has a clue how much it will cost – but Apple does love $9.99 as a price tag.

So there you go – zip for the UK.

Last week was so much better when Apple bought us three days of treats in the form of facelift iMacs, iPad Mini, iPad Air and AirPods 2 – adding those to the keynote though would have lifted what was a really dull USA only event – by letting the rest of the world know that Apple still has our back!

* You have have noticed the Asterix at point 4.  What is that about?

As well as updating the AppleTV App, Apple announced that they would be bring the AppleTV App to Smart TVs, Roku Players and Amazon Firesticks.  So there is now the very real question of :

Is Apple TV Dead?
Is Apple TV Dead?

Is the AppleTV Box dead?

Why add the App to all these other devices?  Surely that removes the need for people to buy an AppleTV box?  Does that explain why it has been pretty much two years since there was a refresh?  Is this the demise of what really is an amazing streaming box for an Apple kitted Home?  It’s just a thought.

As I stated though I am very much an Apple Geek, I find the positives and even in this keynote I found two positives, and these two positives stole the show – for me :

The jumpsuit – sign me up – I want, no, I need one!

Apple Event : March, 25 2019 : The Jumpsuit
Apple Event : March, 25 2019 : The Jumpsuit

Jennifer Aniston : That’s all I need to stay.  Jennifer Anniston!

Apple Event : March, 25 2019 : Jennifer Aniston
Apple Event : March, 25 2019 : Jennifer Aniston



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