2019 Munster 100 Results (Cork Road Races)

The Munster 100 (Cork Road Races) returned to County Cork, Republic of Ireland for the first time in six years over the weekend of 3rd and 4th August 2019.

It is a busy time of the racing year as the (Cork) Munster 100 is the fifth race in as many weeks on the Island of Ireland, in a series of six cumulating in the Ulster Grand Prix.  Saturday race day is being held on 10th August 2019 in what is part of an absolutely packed summer schedule.

Back to Cork though and Derek Shiels continued his exquisite form taking another superbike double, in doing so taking the Irish Superbike title. 

Michael Sweeney took ‘Man of the Meeting’ taking 2 podiums and 2 race wins over the event.



2019 Munster 100 Results
2019 Munster 100 Results

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Check out the Official Munster 100 Facebook Page Here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/187960038598926/

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2019 Munster 100 Results : Cork Road Races :

1 Dermot Cleary

2 Tommy Henry

3 John O’Donovan

4 John Ella

5 Brian Keohane

6 John Cahill

7 Ben Mullane

1 Brian Mateer

2 Richard Ford

3 Philip Shaw

1 Ed Manly

2 Barry Davidson

3 Ian Thompson

4 Sean Leonard

5 Freddie Stewart

6 Andy Kildea

7 Gearoid Hoare

8 Kevin Callan

1 David Howard

2 Brian Loughlin

3 RJ Woolsey

1 Sean Leonard

1 Michael Sweeney

2 Stephen Casey

3 Paul Fallon

4 Lloyd Collins

5 Noel Carroll

1 Vinny Brennan

2 John Ella

3 Anthony Lillis

4 Ben Mullane

5 Francis O’Hara

6 David Broderick

7 RJ Woolsey

8 John O’Donovan

1 Michael Sweeney

2 Darryl Tweed

3 Vinny Brennan

4 John Ella

5 John O’Donovan

6 Ben Mullane

7 Stephen Tobin

8 Des Butler

1 Richard Ford

2 Ian Thompson

3 Philip Shaw

4 RJ Woolsey

1 Barry Davidson

2 Andy Kildea

3 Billy Lyle

4 Kevin Callan

2019 Munster 100 Road Races (Photo Credit : Alan McMahon Photography)

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