Apple Watch Nike Series 5 44mm : Unboxing

Apple Watch Nike Series 5 44mm
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 44mm :

The Apple Watch Series 5 has been out for a couple of weeks now however the Nike edition of the watch only became available on 4th October 2019.

Having had a Apple Watch Nike Series 2 for a few years I thought it was time to upgrade. The Series 2 was still going strong, the battery was lasting all day and it was in great nick having been housed in a case with a screen protector for its entire life. So the question then is – why upgrade?

Apple Watch Nike Series 2
Apple Watch Nike Series 2

That’s a fair question. The real reason is ’I got a great deal.’ On release day there seemed to be a little blooper on the Nike website that resulted in the watch being priced at about £350 (instead of £429)- so whether they priced it incorrectly – actually meaning this price to be for the Series 4 and some website programmer clicked the wrong price field, or they forgot to add the VAT, I simply do not know? What I do know is Nike honoured the price – so thank you Nike – fair play! When I offset this price with the resale of my Series 2 it was an upgrade price that just made sense.

Another reason to upgrade was all the great new features…

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 features:

Extract from :

The new Series 5 runs on a new Apple S5 chip inside: 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, up to 2x faster than S3 processor (includes W3 wireless chip). Apple Watch bands now include purchasable gold options including leather straps, something we haven’t seen since the original. The  Series 5 includes 32 GB storage, up from 16 GB from previous models.

The Series 5 will be preloaded with watchOS 6.

Don’t forget the always on display and the compass which separate the Series 5 from the 4. For me though, moving from the Series 2, you can’t negate the ‘new’ ECG function and what is a huge increase in performance.

As far as the Nike version of the Apple Watch Series 5 goes there are two main differences in the Nike version and the regular Apple version.

  1. Nike exclusive watch faces.
  2. The Nike Run Club Exclusive app.
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 (Exclusive Nike Faces)
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 (Exclusive Nike Faces)

Other than that the series 5 from Nike is identical to the Apple variant.

So is the upgrade worth it?

Big question – not such a big answer. Moving from a Series 2 – absolutely. The speed increase is clearly obvious. The always on display makes you feel like you are actually wearing a proper watch again and the new ECG features, fall detection, sound metre etc are all huge updates. Even from a Series 3 these features would be very tempting. The screen size from 42mm to 44mm although seems small appears huge. The extra real estate computes to a 30% screen size increase and it shows. When you look at the watch everything just looks nicer, bigger and nicer.

The bigger question is would an upgrade from a Series 4 be worth it? That depends I suppose on how much you value the always on display. If it is necessary for you – then why not? Go for it! If not then there really is no reason to upgrade unless you desperately need a compass, and if you desperately need a compass I’d imagine you already have a real one that isn’t limited to an ‘all day battery.’ The guts of the Series 4 and Series 5 are effectively the same – you’ll also get a storage upgrade from 16GB to 32GB – so you can load apps and music to your heart’s content.

I almost forgot – if you opt for the cellular version you can make an emergency call from any country – you are not limited to the country where the watch was purchased as you are in the Series 4 model.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions :

As always I do like to keep my tech in tip top shape so for this I initially opted for what I know best – a Spigen Tough Case and a screen shield from Screenknight. You can see how these install in the gallery below.

So far so good then? Pretty much. I am still a bit undecided as to this ‘all day battery’ claim. Today for example I have had the watch on for about 11 hours. I have done nothing but sit at a desk for those twelve hours. The battery is now showing 54% – and I mean I have done nothing. It will be interesting to see how the battery fairs up in a more active day. On a similar day on my Series 2 I would expect the battery to be about 75%.

However battery issues are not A revelation with the Series 5 and WatchOS 6. Apparently the release of WatchOS6.1 will address these issues, so I will reserve judgement at this early stage.

Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Drain Documented by CultOfMac.

In conclusion – this is an upgrade that I am very impressed with, if you are on one of the earlier generations of Apple Watch I am sure you too will appreciate the upgrade. Now hopefully it will inspire me to get fitter and keep filling the circles! It has one major competitor though – real mechanical watches. I’m not convinced that the Apple Watch will be my daily watch. It will probably end up like my Series 2 – on a charger and used before, during and after the gym, then put back on the charger until my next gym session, my wrist space being occupied by a ‘real watch.’

I am giving it a chance though.

Apple Watch Nike Series 5
Apple Watch Nike Series 5

Apple Watch Nike Series 5 : Unboxing :


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