2020 Ulster Grand Prix Cancelled

2019 Ulster Grand Prix
2020 Ulster Grand Prix Cancelled :

2020 Ulster Grand Prix Cancelled :

Probably the least shocking cancellation of 2020 has been officially announced this morning. The 2020 UGP has been cancelled.

A few short weeks ago before Covid-19 started savaging the planet expotientially road racing was in trouble, but the calendar was still full, one major event though was in absolute jeopardy – the 2020 Ulster Grand Prix. A press release from early February 2020 had pretty much confirmed that there would be no 2020 event without actually stating it.

Just a Though :

Obviously we all currently face a much larger beast than the thought of no 2020 Ulster Grand Prix, but when the 2020 Coronavirus is retired (hopefully soon) to the history books, we need to remember and learn what had happened previously re the UGP, and not just assign to history that it didn’t happen because of the global pandemic.

Let’s be candid – there was no chance of there being a 2020 Ulster Grand Prix. The event was in real trouble before this cancellation and let’s all hope that this sabbatical gives it the chance to rise from the flames. However, moving forward we still have to learn so that once the world heals the road racing world can continue also. Road racing events need to be supported, but they can not rely on program sales alone. The UGP system failed, so not only does the amount of money coming in need to increase but the cash flowing out needs to be reduced. If not, in 2021 there will be another post relating to the fact there is again no Ulster Grand Prix. There is still a chance to fix it.

The following is the club’s official statement :


It is with great regret the organisers of the Ulster Grand Prix, the Dundrod and District Motorcycle Club, must announce the race will not take place in 2020.
Despite numerous meetings in recent months with councillors, MLAs, MPs and Ministers and other interested parties, we have been unable to find the necessary financial support to run the meeting this year.
The unprecedented crisis surrounding the Coronavirus epidemic has made finding a solution at this stage impossible.

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