2020 Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic Results

2020 Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic Results :

To the joy of road racing fans the world over we have actually had some racing in 2020! From 14th – 16th August Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough held the Barry Sheene Classic. A day of practice and qualifying followed by two days of flat out non stop racing.

The Oliver’s Mount events are ones that I do not normally cover, mainly because I have no chance of getting any where them but this year I did follow them quite intently on Twitter and on the live timings site and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the coverage, tweeting and online content that I could find.

UKClubSport have done an excellent job in putting the results together for every qualifying session and race. You will find every result from the 2020 Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic here :

2020 Oliver's Mount Barry Sheene Classic Results : LEE Johnston
2020 Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic Results : LEE Johnston

It brings me great pleasure to say that Northern Ireland’s own Lee Johnston shone to make it a perfect four out of four in the Supersport category.

Dean Harrison also brought his A-game and made it a superb five from five in the Classic Superbike races.

What a packed weekend that event was with a huge 31 races ran over the two race days. That really makes me want to make the trip over.

Oliver’s Mount next event is scheduled to be the Gold Cup due to run on the weekend of the 11th – 13th September 2020. Unfortunately that clashes directly with the planned dates for the rescheduled 2020 Cookstown 100.

Oliver’s Mount :

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