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Thursday night brought us the first three races of the 2019 North West 200 – and what an amazing three races they were.

The weather was glorious, the clouds had broken and the sun was setting nicely out into the Atlantic Ocean, all of which set the scene for some epic road racing along our stunning Northern Irish North Coast.  

Track temperatures were hovering close to 30 degrees celsius and the wind, although still blowing was nothing more than a gentle coastal breeze.

Perfect conditions for some Thursday night road racing and things all kicked off with the Supersport 600cc machines, followed by some big(ish) bike action of the superstockers and finishing things off with the supertwins.

Here is how things unfolded…

North West 200 : 16th May 2019 Race Results :

I said earlier on today today to watch out in this class.  I said earlier on today that Lee Johnston was definitely worth watching in this session and oh my word…  Just look what happened!

Lee Johnston takes the win from Seeley who unfortunately after 6 laps of hardcore battle with General Lee Johnston fell at the last.

Importantly he was up and walked away from his off, and hopefully he is good for Saturday, but until the unfortunate incident of Alistair Seeley coming off the bike that was a true modern day motorcycling duel!

Really thrilling racing, which finished with a red flag following the spill from the Wee Wizard.

An unlucky retirement for Paul Jordan also who is having a great meeting, thankfully nothing serious for Paul, he just felt unwell.

A great start to the race session and here’s to a quick and full recovery for Alistair Seeley – we all want to see him on the Ducati on Saturday!

Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps) Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps) Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps)

Superstocks came out next and of course did not disappoint.  

Again have a look at Glen Irwin – second in this race, behind Hicky, who to be fair this week se far seems to be riding a rocket every time he gets on a bike.  

Michael Dunlop filled the 3rd spot on the podium in a race where he just seemed to bide his time and pounce in the last minute, much to the delight of the north west course as the cheers went round the circuit like a Mexican wave.

Dean Harrison came off at University, thankfully unhurt and Hutchy was having a truly great run, until having to retire.  Hutchy is definitely on the up – racing about the 6th spot until his early exit from the race.

This class and the superbikes could be very interesting come Saturday if Glenn Irwin can keep this form considering how well Hicky is preforming.  Things could get really fast, really fast.

Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps) Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps) Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps)

Supertwins – or Kawasaki v Paton.  It was definitely a Paton / Kawasaki fight tonight with the Paton taking the top spot and two Ryan Farquhar machines filling up the rostrum.

It was tight the whole race with the Italian Stefano Bonetti taking the win.  

Notably Stefano was the first Italian rider to secure a win at the North West in her 90 year history.  The Italian National Anthem brought great joy to many walking down the coast road although what I learned is road racing fans simply can not dance!

Well done Stefano Bonetti, that was a tight race for its entire duration and an exceptional well ridden race and an equally well deserved win!

Unfortunately John McGuinness never brought the 600cc Norton out to play, Derek McGee retired in the pits and Jeremy McWilliams had his second fall of the day.  Thankfully walking away from it.

Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps) Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps) Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps)

All in all a tremendous night’s racing finished up by a great Supertwin battle.

Now see you all Saturday, get there early – it’s going to be busy!

Oh and park somewhere sensible…don’t let this be you!

16/05/2019 NW200 Tow Away 16/05/2019 NW200 Tow Away

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