2019 North West 200 : Qualifying Results 16/05/2019

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Check out the timings from Tuesday’s Qualifying Session here : http://tbni.blog/2019/05/14/2019-north-west-200-qualifying-results-14-05-2019/

The last chance saloon – Thursday qualifying.

The final opportunity for the competitors to make the last tweaks and get themselves a qualifying time towards the front row.

Four sessions in this qualifying period lets all the classes get out for one final blast around the triangle, supertwins, superstocks, supersports and superbikes.

After an amazing sun kissed Tuesday session it is a lot more overcast today, however, importantly it is dry and nice and warm.  At the start of this session track temperature was 20 degrees celsius and bit of a head wind was slowing things ever so slightly – everything is looking good and once again here is to a safe, enjoyable and fast session.

North West 200 : 16th May 2019 Qualifying / Practice Results :

Right at the start of the session was a little bit of drama for Jeremy McWilliams sliding off at Magherbouy Chicane.  McWilliams has registered a qualifying time, but probably won’t have completed enough laps to qualify for the racing – so it will all come down to the Clerk of the Course to use their privilege in determining whether he will be allowed to take the grid.

Derek McGee has shown his excellent form again this morning getting himself to the top of today’s session, second overall.  Looks like his form in the Nationals wants to transfer into the Internationals.

Glen Irwin also started with a what looks like a new fire in his belly.  He sounded very down on Tuesday, but has started today with a bit of venom, just over 1/10 of second off Derek McGee’s top time for the day.

Jamie Coward finished third for the day but took the overall top spot.

2019 NW200 Supertwin Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supertwin Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supertwin Second Qualifying

Again right the start of this session we had a rider off, thankfully Dominic Herbertson just seemed to slide onto the grass at University.

Peter Hickman was simply on fire in this session lapping at an amazing 4:23:604 – 0.9 seconds off the super stock lap record and further reinforcing his position as the fastest man on the roads.

Peter Hickman’s superstock qualifying lap time at 2019 NW200


Glen Irwin kept on top of his new good form, taking the second spot in the session on his Kawasaki, his team mate James Hillier a fraction of a second behind in third.  This new frame of mind that Glen apparently woke up with this morning is working beautifully for him.

Unfortunately a red finished the session when Craig Neve came off at a chicane knocking some bales out onto the circuit.  This was just as Michael Dunlop was about to take himself out for a final flyer – he finished up fourth in this session.

2019 NW200 Superstock Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superstock Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superstock Second Qualifying

These 600cc motorcycles go flat out – with a huge grid that will be separated over two waves of machines.

Remember in this class the first machine across the line may not be the winner.  The second wave starts 10 seconds after the first – so in theory the winner of the second wave could be the fastest man on the road and ultimate win the race.

This is the class that most pundits have Alistair Seeley already on the trophy – he is dominant, but I think Lee Johnston will be snapping hard at his heels this year, and don’t forget Hicky – you can’t forget Hicky – he is flying this year.

The start of this third session also seen the third incident.  Steve Horne (85) came off at the Link Road after University resulting in a red flag.

After a short delay the session resumed and Lee Johnston, Hicky, James Hillier and Dean Harrison all bounced about taking fastest laps and fastest sections from each other and this is how the session finished off, albeit prematurely following a red flag following an off for Davo Johnston, who thankfully has not suffered any serious injuries. 

On a positive note though Lee Johnston, Dean Harrison and James Hillier all broke the lap record – although it is unofficial when it is done in qualifying.  It does set the scene for a great Supersport contest! 

2019 NW200 Supersport Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supersport Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supersport Second Qualifying

The man of the moment now has to be Glenn Irwin!  After Tuesday and seeming to have the entire universe on his shoulders today it has just clicked and he took the superbike session in some style.  Team mate Dean Harrison was snapping away in second place and the Wee Wizard Alistair Seeley taking third.

I would expect nothing other than a fantastic Superbike race and it really is shaping up that way.

Excuse the rushed summary on this race, but I have to get a move on, it’s racing at 5pm!

See you there, and well done once again Glenn Irwin, you have nailed it!  (It looks like my tweet worked ;-p    )

2019 NW200 Superbike Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superbike Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superbike Second Qualifying

So a short break until Thursday evening – just enough time to get an ice cream and a burger and at 5pm the roads close and we go racing for the first race session of the 90th Anniversary of the International North West 200…

Here’s to a good one!

2019 North West 200 Thursday Race Schedule :

(Roads closed 5pm – 9pm): 

Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps)

Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps)

Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps)

Follow the Timings Live with Speedhive :


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