2019 North West 200 : Race Results 18/05/2019

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After glorious weather all week Saturday Race Day came and the good weather left.  From before 8:00am the rain set in and truthfully never really let up all day.

The result was – initially – red flags, delays, more delays, a helicopter taking down power lines (true story) and then eventually a great afternoon and early evening’s racing.

It was about 2:40pm by the time the supersports started for the third time that the schedule started to move.  The rain continued, but so did the motorcycles and we were really treated to some awesome races.

Thank goodness for the contingency legislation, which meant the roads could remain closed until 9pm.  Unfortunately we ran out of time and light to run the feature Superbike race, which was cancelled for safety reasons – and that although disappointing for all the super bike fans – made perfect sense and was absolutely the right call to make.

Here is how things panned out…

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Race 1 – The Junction Retail & Leisure Park SUPERSPORT RACE Race 1 – The Junction Retail & Leisure Park SUPERSPORT RACE

It really was a case of third time lucky for Race 1.  The race suffered a number of delays and red flags.  Daley Matheson crashed at Black Hill – who thankfully was OK.  Following this incident the race was red flagged due to another crash at Black Hill.  David Murphy was the rider involved who again thankfully was ok.Then there was the above mentioned helicopter incident.

The final incident was Seeley’s machine’s engine popping whilst in a really competitive duel with Derek McGee and Davy Todd.  That signalled the end for Seeley on the 600cc.

Things finally restarted for a third time and the race was brilliant – maybe even worth the wait.  It was 6 laps of a scrap between Derek McGee and Davey Todd.  Conor Cummins was rarely far behind and kept it a tight three way race.  Those lads finished in the order of Todd, McGee and Cummins. 

Davey Todd taking his first North West 200 win in what really was a brilliant battle – all three riders really deserving to share that podium.




Glenn Irwin continued his rollercoaster of a North West 200.  Earlier in the day he announced he wouldn’t be racing.  The weather and conditions were just not his thing and he wasn’t prepared to go out in them.

Then he appeared on the grid.

Then he only went and won the race – giving him 4 back to back superbike wins at the NW200.

Not only did he win, he raced beautifully.


Don’t forget James Hillier.  He went out on his superstock machine and gave it everything.  Jimbo and team mate Irwin were at it flat out for the entire race, Hillier almost had it, even Irwin said he ‘probably deserved the win.’  It was a spectacular ride from both.  Irwin almost playing it like a game of chess making his move just at the exact right time.  What it did show was the capability of the stock machines in comparison to the super bikes.  The ‘consumer’ tech on the stocker almost giving it an advantage over the superbike in the conditions they faced today.

Conor Cummins again filling the last spot on the podium with a well earned third position.


Jeremy McWilliams made up for an otherwise reasonably grim North West 200.  Having fallen off twice he came out into today’s race and gave a stellar performance taking a well deserved win on his Ryan Farquhar tuned Supertwin.  
Thursday’s super twin winner Stefano Bonetti unfortunately crashed out at  York Corner, thankfully unhurt.
Second and third then went to Christian Elkin and Michael Rutter on another Farquhar machine took third.

This was another great super twin race and everyone’s heart was in their mouth right up to the last moment where Jeremy McWilliams almost dropped her about 10 yards before the finish line.  Importantly though he didn’t and took another hotly contested race.


Superstock race was up next and this one was all about James Hillier.

He had already used his stocker in the superbike race and almost took the win, so when he was out this time in the stocker race he was just at a different level.  By lap 3 he was 19 seconds ahead.  

Richard Cooper was having a separate battle with Davey Todd for second and third but Hillier was so far ahead they wouldn’t have even seen him, and you have to wonder if they even knew he was out there.

Hillier was able to ease up and ultimately won the race by 3.3 seconds which simply shows good strategy, of knowing when to push it and when to relax the wrist a little.  It really was a lesson in class from Hiller and a hugely deserved win.

Richard Cooper took second (round of applause there for the NW200 newcomer) and Davey Todd took the last step on the podium rounding off an excellent day’s work.

Race did not run – Meeting Abandoned.

Unfortunately the feature race never got to run.  Light was getting poor with heavy clouds rolling in.  It was getting wet and heavier rain was looking likely and the front section of the grid really only had Seeley and Michael Dunlop waiting to start.

The decision was made to call off the final race and it was the right one.

It was Alistair Seeley’s final chance for a win this year, and not getting a win is the first year in eleven that the wee wizard has not stood on the top step.

So after a pretty horrible start and the helicopter adding to the freak events of the North West 200, today weighing up everything would have to be deemed a success. The weather was against us, time was against us, everything seemed to be against us, but we still had four full races, with no major incidents and some real quality racing.

Huge thank yous have to go out to the riders and teams for racing, the NW200 volunteers for making sure that racing could happen and the NW200 Officials for fighting on and getting a tough job done.

For a more detailed breakdown of the results, timings and speeds from every qualifying, practice and race session check out the official NW200 Site : 

2019 Results & Timings


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