Ballistic HC iPhone 4 / 4s Case – Thoughts and Photos…

The Ballisitc HC is one of the range of cases in the Ballistic range, in this instance the ‘HC’ meaning ‘Hard Core!‘  The others in the range are :

LS – Life Style & Life Style Smooth
SG – Shell Gel & Shell Gel MAXX

There is also a full range for all other popular makes of phones and tablets, which you can check out here :

This is my second Ballisitic HC case, the first I had was with my iPhone 4, and was black, all black.  Then when I updated by phone to the 4s I was so convinced on this particular case, I purchased the white one, to go with the new phone.

It lasted 2 days!

My first experiences with this case (the black one) were amazing, it was expensive, but so worth it, it felt strong, it looked strong, it was big, chunky, aggressive, it not only looked it, it was it!

I showed to to my friends, colleagues and anyone else who asked about it, being in Northern Ireland this was a new case, it had to be ordered and delivered from America, it was new different and offered unrivalled protection.  So why then did it my new one only last 2 days?

Simple, it was so poor!  It really pains me to say that, as I was very pro Ballistic HC, I have no idea how many of these I could have sold, but I’m sure some of the importers make decent money on my salesmanship for them!

My new one was poorly put together, the rubber wasn’t cut as nicely as in my original black one, and it just didn’t feel as sturdy.  The white I think also looked really bad, although I accept that is a matter of opinion, however all I know is I ordered it from the USA, it took over two weeks for me to get my hands on it and when I did I was left thinking, Damn, that’s money I’d have had more fun with by throwing it in the river.

The photos won’t show you the flimsy feel of the new case but it will show you poor way it has been finished.

It has since been retired to a drawer in the house, only to be sold on when the new iPhone comes out.

My old one?  I gave it to a friend, who is still using it, and still loving it and it still looks better that this one!

I still have a lot of faith in Ballisitc and their products I just will be a little more careful before ordering another, and just by writing this little extract I had a quick look at their site and wow there is some funky looking cases now, fingers crossed the quality has moved backwards!



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