Griffin Survivor iPhone 4/4s Case Thoughts and Photos…

Having been an admirer of the Griffin Survivor Case for quite some time I purchased one around a year ago. It took me so long as this is an expensive case, at the time I bought it it had just went sub £30GBP, I think now though you can pick one of these bad boys up for around half that! That my friends is a brilliant investment!

I purchased this one pretty much immediately after the Ballistic HC (previous post – ) and when it arrived I was immediately impressed! This case is not for the weak of heart, it is huge, it is heavy and if you like the look of your iPhone naked, you will probably hate this. However if you want to protect you phone this thing is just the ticket.

It claims the following rather impressive stats (and also has under its belt that it is approved to military standards) :

– Sand / Dust – 3hrs at 18m/s
– Shock – Concrete Floor Drop from 6ft
– Rain – 200mm/hr
– Vibration – 18hrs at 20 – 2000 Hz

I have used it every day since and it has never let me down, you can see from the photos it will attract a little lint, but it cleans off easily, you also see that the rubber goes a little shiney in the corner but these photos are after almost a years constant use.

When I bought this there was a choice of black or green and now you can pretty much get any colour you want, I have just taken delivery of an orange one, which looks awesome.

I think the only case to rival this is the Life Proof, which is totally waterproof, if you dont need that, this is a hard one to beat!


Something a little bit brighter :



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