Griffin Survivor – iPhone 5 – Unboxing and Initial thoughts and reviews!

Anyone who knows about my opinions on cases will know that I am a huge fan of the Griffin Survivor series of cases. It is pretty much what my iPhone 4s lived in, and now it is what my iPhone 5 has started its life off in.

These cases are hardcore. They are big and bulky, but when you are aiming for extreme protection they are the dogs dangles!

They are tested against drops, water (not waterproof unfortunately), sand and dust, and has received US military approval.

I tend to double up on the protection as well, as I also have the phone covered in a matt screen guard and rear protector too. If using an additional screen guard with the Survivor or any other type of case with its own built in screen guard you need to use matt. Anything else will case water marking between the two.

If you think this is a bit excessive you are probably most certainly correct, I just dont like the thought of a little piece of dust getting in there and scratched away at the phone unchecked for a long period of time, so easch to their own eh?

As far as the case goes there are a few notable changes from that of the iPhone 4 / 4s :

1 : The Home button is more streamline, this will hopefully eliminate any mistaken phone calls, or use of Siri. You don’t want your Mum hearing your conversations I am sure, and Siri can be pretty judgemental too!

2. The camera flap now falls under its on steam and is on a little pivot type thing keeping the lens cover out of the way! This os a great change as getting to the camera and securing the lens cover was probably the only major fault I would ever have seen in the survivor.

3. It is also taken apart and put together differently, now it is now to halves with the rubber surround, it is more like :

1. Back and sides plastic inners.
2. Front inners.
3. Rubber surround.

After you have taken it apart and put it back together a few times it actually seems to work quite well.

All in all I am still a huge fan of the Survivor case and look forward to seeing the new range appearing in the UK. Oh and well done to o2 for stocking it on release day, it took ages to appear here last time!



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