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Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case – Orange Unboxing Genuine / Fake?

This post was meant for a while ago but somehow it slipped through my updating net!

Basically as an already huge fan of the Griffin Survivor Case I ordered a new one this time deciding to move away from my usual black and went for the orange variant, after of course checking that there was an orange variant. Which there is.

I ordered from a reputable place but like with everything now the fakes and counterfeits are getting through, however it is bad when the actual genuine companies are unable to tell the fakes from the genuine items!

Here is the unboxing gallery :

 photo P1020394_zpsb4cbeadd.jpg photo P1020395_zpsd82d0b94.jpg photo P1020397_zpse6394e32.jpg

 photo P1020398_zps9b1254c5.jpg photo P1020399_zps01c04532.jpg photo P1020400_zps9e5ec958.jpg
 photo P1020402_zps668c30f8.jpg photo P1020403_zpsf722e164.jpg photo P1020404_zps94499d0d.jpg
 photo P1020405_zps717ca7eb.jpg
 photo P1020406_zps39a5a6d4.jpg photo P1020407_zpsade5fbe5.jpg photo P1020408_zps9907b90e.jpg
 photo P1020409_zps19871239.jpg photo P1020410_zps386eb8b3.jpg photo P1020412_zpsfc9933b6.jpg
 photo P1020413_zps8f2032e9.jpg photo P1020414_zpsfae9583d.jpg photo P1020416_zps3a06b86e.jpg
 photo P1020417_zps7259d932.jpg photo P1020418_zps350bf587.jpg photo P1020420_zps86453418.jpg
 photo P1020423_zpse5db4cb9.jpg photo P1020424_zpsa650ef20.jpg photo P1020425_zpsaf6ee1c4.jpg
 photo P1020426_zpsa58fd8a2.jpg photo P1020427_zps8bd1119a.jpg photo P1020428_zpsa5578496.jpg
 photo P1020429_zps467a1464.jpg photo P1020431_zpsf4ece215.jpg photo P1020432_zps0323eb12.jpg
 photo P1020433_zpsd937af59.jpg photo P1020435_zpsd9d8928b.jpg photo P1020438_zpsefd5e1ef.jpg
 photo P1020439_zpsd84d8261.jpg photo P1020440_zps128ce625.jpg photo P1020441_zps62a539d8.jpg
 photo P1020442_zps7a8f7654.jpg photo P1020443_zps2f66c852.jpg

Everything about the case looks genuine, however when I put it on my phone something wasn’t right.

The lock / sleep button was so very wrong, just the pressure of it being in your pocket and walking was enough for the phone to lock and unlock with every step!

When I looked at it more closely it was clear what the problem was – it was massive.

It is hard to see in the pictures but in comparison to my black case this sleep button was massive!

 photo P1020439_zpsd84d8261.jpg

I also noticed that the camera lens cover was not sitting right, and again on closer comparison the excess rubber was evident. This is what was pushing the lens cover out of its housing!

 photo P1020427_zps8bd1119a.jpg

Surely that can’t be right? Or can it?

The above pictures were sent to Griffin who were unable to confirm if this was a genuine product, in fact it could have been counterfeit, genuine but defective, or a factory second. Their advice was to return it. Which I did for a full refund.

I was a bit disappointed, I think it looked pretty awesome, especially when coupled with the black.

It is concerning that the counterfeiters may actually be catching up to the genuine companies, or hopefully, maybe it was just a defective unit.

However I got over it and now am rocking with a yellow griffin, over the black housing, looks pretty damn decent too!

If you are interested in what else I have to say about the Griffin Survivor have a look here :

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