Otterbox Armor Unboxing / Water Test and Initial Thoughts…

With my upcoming trip to Florida now only mere hours away the Postman arrived at about 9.00am with the package I was waiting on…An Otterbox Armor.

Now these cases are not cheap coming in at around £70 – £75 (or $100) however the claims they boast are definitely worth looking into!

1. Crush resistance of up to 2 tonns (1.8 tonnes) of pressure.

2. Dirt / Dust Proof

3. Drop Proof (10ft / 3m)

4. Water Proof (6.6ft / 2m for 30 mins)

It was the waterproof aspect that really got my attention, coupled with the fact that I love big cases, so basically I wanted something that had no reason to fear Florida’s thunder storms nor her theme parks, this seemed to be right up my street.

Upon opening the package it is immediately evident that this is a big and bulky case, if you do not like big nor bulky this case is not for you, not even a little. However if that doesn’t bother you you could well be onto a winner!

It feels solid, firm, well put together and it really does feel like all of the above statements are true.

Upon opening it up Otterbox tell you to do a water test, so that’s what I did, the Otterbox Armor was put into my kitchen sink and submerged with the use of a glass and left there for 30 minutes as can be seen in this short video.


As from that you can see the results is an outstanding pass!

Now I won’t be chucking my phone out a window, nor driving over it, there are bucket loads of such videos on YouTube, my test is going to be the case in Floirda every day for two weeks, each day at a different activity or theme park and when I get back I will have a quick update on its performance.

If it can survive two weeks of thunderstorms and roller coasters it passes any test I want to be involved in!

Here is the Unboxing Gallery :

 photo P1040706_zps36a82255.jpg photo P1040707_zps258e3abd.jpg photo P1040708_zps147a1675.jpg
 photo P1040709_zps0b9dd56c.jpg photo P1040710_zpsf6faeecc.jpg photo P1040711_zps49989efd.jpg
 photo P1040712_zps185760f7.jpg photo P1040713_zpsca02c86f.jpg photo P1040714_zps2284fec8.jpg
 photo P1040715_zps9b14d00c.jpg photo P1040716_zps421b7750.jpg photo P1040718_zpse9afcf71.jpg
 photo P1040719_zps581fc730.jpg photo P1040720_zpsa80db162.jpg photo P1040721_zps30c47418.jpg
 photo P1040722_zpsd5ad86ab.jpg photo P1040724_zps854cac61.jpg photo P1040725_zps5f61a0f9.jpg
 photo P1040726_zpsd121bec9.jpg photo P1040727_zps1ad1a904.jpg photo P1040728_zps21cd34b9.jpg
 photo P1040729_zps0e68f94e.jpg photo P1040731_zpsaa669e05.jpg


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