2018 Enniskillen 100 : Results (30/06/2018)

2018 Enniskillen 100
2018 Enniskillen 100

After a 66 year absence road racing returned this weekend to Enniskillen, in the form of the relaunched and revitalised Enniskillen 100.  Further to that it is extremely pleasing to be able to report that everything about the event was positive.

No red flags, no injuries, a full and comprehensive race scehule (along with a packed Practice and Qualifying Session on 29/06/2018).

Couple all the above with a record equalling 5 race wins in a day for Derek McGee (and it could have been six, as he had entered six races but due to the five races in a day rule had to withdraw from one.)

The result was an epic days racing, and don’t forget the weather – we can do nothing about it but when it is with us it hard to beat.  At 29.4 degrees Celsius it was an absolute scorcher with wall to wall sunshine from well before the race started until it set for the evening.

Hopefully next year the meeting will have Championship status and will tempt in an even larger field of competitors.  Which is only a good thing for the greatest sport on the planet!

2018 Enniskillen 100 Course Map

Check out the results of the 2018 Enniskillen 100 below :











So well done and thank you to the Enniskillen Club and looking forward to next years event – keep up the good work!


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