2015 Adelaide Motorcycle Festival – Belfast

It has been a year or two (2013 actually) since I have went near this show, but I ventured back today for a look with huge hopes that it had improved since my last visit.

Thankfully it has.  I will address the 2 bad points firstly that I came away with today – firstly £12 entrance fee is just crazy.  That is only slightly cheaper that the NEC’s Motorcycle Live which was simply outstanding.  This show is more like a gathering of dealers, with a range of their bikes that they want to sell you.  Nothing new, nothing revealed, just a load of nice and shiny bikes all in one place to tempt you out of a few hundred quid for the next 36 – 48 months, therefore I think it is a bit cheeky to be expected to pay such a high entrance fee to essentially enter a huge multi-manufacturer’s show room.

Secondly, on your way in you will pass by the ‘Jumble.’  Make sure you go in because there is simply some stunning vintage bikes and cars in here and a few interesting vendors.  However Bad point 2 is also in here.  Some of the vendors are just selling junk, and they genuinely don’t seem bothered.

My eye was taken by two quaint little signs, neither of which held any real world value, I just thought they would look rather cool in my garage.  Heres’ how the conversation went….

Me completely ignored by the vendor….

Me : ‘Excuse me please?’

Vendor : ‘What?’

Me : ‘How much would you like for these two signs please?’

Vendor? ‘Eh?’

Me : ‘These two signs, what is the price please?’

Vendor : ‘Emmm, uh, oh them, them are £30 for the pair.’

Me : Thinking holy sh1t, they are just two old rusted signs, their condition is about a 2/10.  All the while the vendor stares at if as if I have just insulted his wife, mother and children.

Vendor : ‘I said £30 for the pair.’

Me : ‘Mate old doesn’t mean valuable, just sometimes old means old.’

Vendor : ‘Wha!’


So thats how that went and the attitude of the other vendors in that hall didn’t leave me with an overly friendly taste in my mouth, which is very unfortunate as some of the vehicles on display here was just immaculate.


So onto the positives, the halls were well laid out and a great selection of manufacturers were present, the stands here were staffed by people with skills in communication and they seemed eager and friendly and tried to help.  Here you also had the opportunity to engage with clubs, the Goldwing Club were very impressive, their machinery was outstanding and the people on their stand were friendly and easy to talk to.  The Road Racing Clubs were here too, which is a massive positive, the Tandragee 100 Club and North West 200 Club both actively engaged me, they were friendly and informed, and if I wasn’t already a certainty in relation to attendance these guys would have me in attendance for sure.

All in all the show has improved, more improvement can still occur of course, more shows, events and things to engage patrons would help but things for the Belfast Motorcycle Show / Adelaide Motorcycle Festival are definitely moving in the right direction!

 photo IMG_7850_zps21dabaa4.jpg photo IMG_7851_zps55477de4.jpg photo IMG_7852_zpsc93a907e.jpg photo IMG_7853_zps493a3ccf.jpg

 photo IMG_7855_zpsb2c77567.jpg photo IMG_7856_zps14fabe88.jpg photo IMG_7857_zps01adfeaf.jpg photo IMG_7858_zps6be8abcc.jpg

 photo IMG_7859_zps448e0750.jpg photo IMG_7860_zps7da4ef51.jpg photo IMG_7861_zps1d57351b.jpg photo IMG_7862_zpsdeb27b0a.jpg

 photo IMG_7864_zps3d55ef45.jpg photo IMG_7865_zpsd13fcdb2.jpg photo IMG_7866_zps26d7dfd5.jpg photo IMG_7867_zpsc77a5d6d.jpg

 photo IMG_7868_zpsfd705475.jpg photo IMG_7869_zps994f7f7c.jpg photo IMG_7870_zps9fc7e833.jpg photo IMG_7873_zps185a40f7.jpg

 photo IMG_7874_zps130e0f70.jpg photo IMG_7875_zps93a958b2.jpg photo IMG_7876_zps721839eb.jpg photo IMG_7877_zps573cd523.jpg

 photo IMG_7878_zps2672b8a9.jpg photo IMG_7879_zpsb729cdce.jpg photo IMG_7880_zps7b30f2e8.jpg photo IMG_7881_zps57f3e67c.jpg

 photo IMG_7882_zps571e4e9e.jpg photo IMG_7883_zpsef82edf4.jpg photo IMG_7884_zps1db0ec4c.jpg photo IMG_7886_zps7c1f7ee1.jpg

 photo IMG_7887_zps7ef1e72d.jpg photo IMG_7890_zps1bfc582a.jpg photo IMG_7892_zps4aa28e64.jpg photo IMG_7893_zps698b1af9.jpg

 photo IMG_7894_zps2c3a3418.jpg photo IMG_7895_zpse26d05f6.jpg photo IMG_7896_zps1df706f5.jpg photo IMG_7897_zpsf3c5fe77.jpg

 photo IMG_7898_zpsc743901c.jpg photo IMG_7899_zpsab6aa93b.jpg photo IMG_7900_zps9e25c5ef.jpg photo IMG_7901_zps90a20b67.jpg

 photo IMG_7902_zps232d7b34.jpg photo IMG_7903_zpsb7c20c78.jpg photo IMG_7904_zps3105cc55.jpg photo IMG_7906_zps1efc54cd.jpg

 photo IMG_7907_zps24b622a7.jpg photo IMG_7908_zps851d4f3c.jpg photo IMG_7909_zps78f97c38.jpg photo IMG_7910_zpse1ecaa98.jpg

 photo IMG_7911_zpsba8491fb.jpg photo IMG_7912_zps72fe3b2b.jpg photo IMG_7914_zps92e22ff9.jpg photo IMG_7915_zps38a7fe88.jpg

 photo IMG_7916_zpsb0a57700.jpg photo IMG_7917_zps9de841de.jpg photo IMG_7918_zps966d9537.jpg photo IMG_7919_zps71a892f8.jpg

 photo IMG_7920_zpsd0c775ad.jpg photo IMG_7921_zpsd9234db4.jpg photo IMG_7922_zpsd9965b0a.jpg photo IMG_7923_zps4f783fdf.jpg

 photo IMG_7924_zps02db4408.jpg photo IMG_7925_zps23b3f83f.jpg photo IMG_7926_zps3d78ec34.jpg photo IMG_7927_zpsbc59b29f.jpg

 photo IMG_7928_zps2a989735.jpg photo IMG_7929_zps14505943.jpg photo IMG_7930_zps2f8f5d81.jpg photo IMG_7931_zps6ec8b027.jpg

 photo IMG_7932_zpse59bf688.jpg photo IMG_7935_zps098f90e5.jpg photo IMG_7936_zpsbd3f2238.jpg photo IMG_7937_zps9553b051.jpg

 photo IMG_7938_zpseb336e82.jpg photo IMG_7939_zpse4730a4a.jpg photo IMG_7940_zpsf836a775.jpg photo IMG_7941_zps8b583fff.jpg

 photo IMG_7942_zps034be53c.jpg photo IMG_7943_zps8a3a6da2.jpg photo IMG_7944_zps39d66720.jpg photo IMG_7945_zps2b2a3936.jpg

 photo IMG_7946_zps24bd4a34.jpg photo IMG_7947_zps835e83cc.jpg


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