Isle of Man TT 2016 : Day 3

Another well rested and early start this morning and I meet up with the guys at a local pub for a bit of a breakfast fry up…

 photo IMG_3894_zpse2gbha07.jpg

It’s hard to recommend places on your first visit, simply because you have been to so few  but that won’t change the fact that if a place is good – it’s good, and this places was.  A nice breakfast down the hatch and it was time to make a move.

The guys I was with were keen to hit the Mountain Road again and get some fast miles under their belt, I however decided to go off the path less travelled and explore the Island a little more.

(There is a path much less travelled element to the ISle of MAn, with hundreds of miles of green lanes all over, and you will see lots of guys on scramblers and enduros coming off the countryside.  The path I travelled wasn’t their path although to be fair they looked like they were having an absolutely outstanding adventure!)

A quick Google the previous evening had led to 2 potential points of interest for the day, the first was heading South to the Islands most Southernly point and a look at the Calf of Man.  The second being the Motor Museum.

So the view south looked pretty epic, something strange was sitting over the mountain, I hadn’t seen one in a couple of days but it’s OK, it was just a cloud.

 photo IMG_3895_zpsk3phqoqb.jpg

The island is small so navigation isn’t a problem, point and go works well and obviously the Isle of Man wants their tourists to have a frustration free visit so all the land marks and villages are well signposted and easily found.

Just keep your eyes peeled for little photo stops, they are everwhere…

 photo IMG_3897_zpsvkdk9ouo.jpg

The south of the island was the next stop – The Calf of Man just sitting to her south west.  For your pub quiz knowledge the stretch of water seperating the main Island from the Calf of Man is called the Calf Sound.

 photo P1010080_zpsa00xydwj.jpg

 photo IMG_3899_zpsulfaamvu.jpg

From here there are a few easy paths that are worth exploring, they will lead you to some rugged coastline views and information points that show the varied history the Island has…

 photo P1010065_zpsgpx6leix.jpg

 photo P1010074_zpswiwtlerc.jpg

 photo P1010076_zpsuowk9qeu.jpg

 photo P1010086_zpsfzkkpa2w.jpg

 photo P1010068_zpsspekfoos.jpg

 photo P1010069_zpsqivw03ix.jpg

After a a walkabout and some refreshments it was time to move on and the next port of call was the Isle of Man Motor Museum :

Keep your eyes open on the way to the Museum, there are some great hidden gems on the route such as this old Church…

 photo IMG_3914_zpsjknn01mv.jpg

 photo IMG_3910_zpsz6rq0lao.jpg

Now back to the Isle of MAn Motor Museum :

This is a huge collection of motor vehicles, over 130 of which are owned by a father and son dup, another 150 are on loan – and I’m sure of particular interest to many visitors to the Isle of Man is the huge Joey Dunlop collection on display.

The full story can be read here :

I will also have a concise gallery post added to this blog, but please take the time to allow my posting to wet your appitite and visit the Museum in person the next time you visit the Island.  Set aside a few hours to enable you to walk round, and take in the exhibits.  I really enjoyed the range of vehicles on display and the Joey Dunlop exhibit is brillaint!

 photo IMG_3919_zps8ebx6co3.jpg

Unfortunately there was no Flux Capacitor for the DeLorean!

 photo IMG_3923_zpsu51ashv5.jpg

A couple of hours later it was time for me to head back to the race course and meet up with the guys again.  A little bit of information had come to light that had us aiming for an epic viewing point, however by the time I got to the start of the Mountain Road a RTC had closed it.  The point we were aiming for was on the Mountain, the others had made through before the crash but I was now stranded.

I perched myself near to the iconic ‘PokerStars’ House on the course, got my camera out and enjoyed another sun soaked evening of practice.

When I got speaking to the guys after the practice, they showed me the photos from their spot, damn I missed out!  I am not going to say where it is as it is my hope to secure that spot come TT2017!

 photo P1010536_zps1ooermvu.jpg

 photo P1010550_zpswndzf9rv.jpg

John McGuinness and FireBlade with fake headlights

 photo P1010592_zpsabetwpsa.jpgBruce Anstey going a little too fast for my camera!

Tonight was the first time I had seen the side cars properly – wow those pair are ballsy!

Only one more day left 🙁

Isle of Man TT 2016 : Practice Day 31/05/2016 : Gallery :

 photo IMG_3894_zpse2gbha07.jpg photo IMG_3895_zpsk3phqoqb.jpg photo IMG_3897_zpsvkdk9ouo.jpg
 photo IMG_3899_zpsulfaamvu.jpg photo P1010063_zpssqzdkffj.jpg photo P1010064_zpstzfljeyo.jpg
 photo P1010065_zpsgpx6leix.jpg photo P1010066_zpstpylpxn7.jpg photo P1010068_zpsspekfoos.jpg
 photo P1010069_zpsqivw03ix.jpg photo P1010070_zpsfllofrgp.jpg photo P1010071_zps50ii7fio.jpg
 photo P1010073_zpspbeumukq.jpg photo P1010074_zpswiwtlerc.jpg photo P1010075_zpsotufy9rn.jpg
 photo P1010076_zpsuowk9qeu.jpg photo P1010077_zpsegrhzz9g.jpg photo P1010079_zpsup9y9alg.jpg
 photo P1010080_zpsa00xydwj.jpg photo IMG_3905_zpsc1gzn4fp.jpg photo P1010082_zpsswyfgsaz.jpg
 photo P1010084_zps4q7xds2d.jpg photo P1010086_zpsfzkkpa2w.jpg photo P1010088_zpsqlaoxx73.jpg
 photo P1010092_zpsvpeqivaq.jpg photo P1010094_zps3ei2q65n.jpg photo IMG_3910_zpsz6rq0lao.jpg
 photo IMG_3912_zpsklvgvtt7.jpg photo IMG_3913_zpshvwg7viz.jpg photo IMG_3914_zpsjknn01mv.jpg
 photo P1010096_zpszwjwtr0h.jpg photo P1010097_zpstzf3lc6z.jpg photo P1010098_zpsii8rc2m0.jpg
 photo P1010100_zpsq07aw8nn.jpg photo P1010102_zpsdkhhcxfc.jpg photo IMG_3915_zps1pdsylug.jpg
 photo IMG_3917_zpsmgeuw6oy.jpg photo IMG_3919_zps8ebx6co3.jpg photo IMG_3922_zps7zvg1rii.jpg
 photo IMG_3923_zpsu51ashv5.jpg photo P1010514_zpsifstw2ph.jpg photo P1010542_zpsg14wnxp4.jpg
 photo P1010543_zpsrnxx2jnq.jpg photo P1010536_zps1ooermvu.jpg photo P1010535_zps5uodid83.jpg
 photo P1010533_zps9nmapygf.jpg photo P1010534_zpsodvmz8m8.jpg photo P1010527_zpsx9kbeqy2.jpg
 photo P1010526_zpshovxoxvf.jpg photo P1010524_zps4ndijowf.jpg photo P1010525_zpsrutksvdd.jpg
 photo P1010531_zpseiqv3fa9.jpg photo P1010530_zpsczefgtbk.jpg photo P1010538_zpsf9e8w4l1.jpg
 photo P1010540_zpsppdxmmjn.jpg photo P1010541_zpsq9f4mmhz.jpg photo P1010550_zpswndzf9rv.jpg
 photo P1010548_zpsp2ztungo.jpg photo P1010552_zpsa4cbnnwy.jpg photo P1010553_zpsgke9rxlj.jpg
 photo P1010555_zpshqldfidv.jpg photo P1010557_zpsqb0ks1ce.jpg photo P1010559_zpssal3j3a2.jpg
 photo P1010561_zpsizkps9bk.jpg photo P1010563_zpszpwtgjaq.jpg photo P1010565_zpsgjjfuj0l.jpg
 photo P1010567_zpsgxv6mjve.jpg photo P1010568_zpswexc0qmx.jpg photo P1010569_zpszt0ttwot.jpg
 photo P1010571_zpsgrkowo2c.jpg photo P1010574_zpsvlkhbun3.jpg photo P1010576_zpsqxomoymn.jpg
 photo P1010578_zpszmsl6ur4.jpg photo P1010579_zpsxumhqoec.jpg photo P1010583_zpsclndhfja.jpg
 photo P1010584_zpsuasavqgz.jpg photo P1010585_zpsejqdehkx.jpg photo P1010586_zpspptm1yke.jpg
 photo P1010587_zpsorwj0igz.jpg photo P1010589_zpsb1xgqy9p.jpg photo P1010592_zpsabetwpsa.jpg
 photo P1010595_zpssmfbbpvs.jpg photo P1010597_zpsnboqkmff.jpg photo P1010599_zps0stnthgf.jpg
 photo P1010602_zpskftl78dm.jpg photo P1010603_zpsrhhzkd9x.jpg photo P1010605_zpsfhor8gu1.jpg
 photo P1010608_zpsodekvkuf.jpg photo P1010610_zpsfhlwtz7r.jpg photo P1010612_zpsjsz1yrk7.jpg
 photo P1010613_zpsfztoy6ud.jpg photo P1010615_zps9xkkpmuq.jpg photo P1010617_zpsqwerp3mz.jpg
 photo P1010619_zpsaklxl7ol.jpg photo P1010620_zpsayxxyywg.jpg photo P1010622_zpstrdhc5ng.jpg
 photo P1010626_zpslonhdwgg.jpg photo P1010628_zpswrxwzttz.jpg photo P1010629_zpsv1n6my4y.jpg
 photo P1010635_zpsmfl9vu7t.jpg photo P1010637_zpslzh998lq.jpg photo P1010639_zps33e489ot.jpg
 photo P1010640_zpsybl9sxuc.jpg photo P1010642_zpsyupqoext.jpg


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