Isle of Man TT 2016 : Day 3 – Isle of Man Motor Museum

As mentioned on my Isle of Man 2016 : Day 3 post I visited the Isle of Man Motor Museum.  Quite simply this is an outstanding collection of motor vehicles that is well worth a visit the next time you are on the island.

The Isle of Man Motor Museum
The Isle of Man Motor Museum

The Museum was founded and funded by father and son team Denis and Darren Cunningham to act as the public home for their collection of over 130 vehicles.  The Museum also hosts over 150 other vehicles on loan from other enthusiasts and collectors.

The Isle of Man was chosen as the location for the Museum due to the unique place the Island occupies in motoring and motorsports history. The Island is the motorcycle road racing capital of the world and has hosted the famous TT races on the public roads annually since 1907. The Southern 100 and the Festival of Motorcycling are also fantastic opportunities to see road racing here.

For 2016, the Museum is proud to host the Joey Dunlop Collection featuring many of his trophies, leathers and race machines. Joey is the most successful TT competitor of all time with 26 victories to his name earning him the title “King of The Mountain”.

Rallying and enduro are also a huge part of motorsport on the Isle of Man and the Museum features a Ford Zephyr which competed in the London-Sydney Marathon rally and World Enduro Championship winning KTMs from local hero David “Knighter” Knight OBE.

From my visit I have put together a concise gallery of the vehicles on display.  Use these photos to wet your appitite for the Museum, seeing them in photographs is all well and good, seeing them in person is a completely different experience.  Getting right up close and personal to a stainless steel DeLorean or standing beside Joey Dunlop’s leathers and trophies simply can not be replaced by looking at a photo gallery!

It will give you a nice change of pace from snorting round the Mountain Road too, so pop along, and spend a few hours seeing everything from a Smart ForTwo 450 right up to a tank!

Ever fancied becoming a Ghostbuster - Isle of Man Motor Museum
Ever fancied becoming a Ghostbuster – Isle of Man Motor Museum
Buses used to be so much cooler! Isle of Man Motor Museum
Buses used to be so much cooler! Isle of Man Motor Museum
Don't forget the Flux Capacitor - Isle of Man Motor Museum
Don’t forget the Flux Capacitor – Isle of Man Motor Museum
A Steam Powered 2CV - where else would you find one of these? Isle of Man Motor Museum
A Steam Powered 2CV – where else would you find one of these? Isle of Man Motor Museum
Now that's how you do a proper cool School Bus - Isle of Man Motor Museum
Now that’s how you do a proper cool School Bus – Isle of Man Motor Museum
If you have ever played Paperboy - you know what these are! Isle of Man Motor Museum
If you have ever played Paperboy – you know what these are! Isle of Man Motor Museum
An outstanding Joey Dunlop Section at the Isle of Man Motor Museum
An outstanding Joey Dunlop Section at the Isle of Man Motor Museum
From the Small at the Isle of Man Motor Museum...
From the Small at the Isle of Man Motor Museum…
To the very large at the Isle of Man Motor Museum
To the very large at the Isle of Man Motor Museum
And dont forget loads of bikes at the Isle of Man Motor Museum!
And dont forget loads of bikes at the Isle of Man Motor Museum!

Isle of Man Motor Museum Gallery :


 photo P1010103_zpstdxaarc5.jpg photo P1010104_zpsymiekkga.jpg photo P1010105_zpswgiky8cl.jpg
 photo P1010106_zpswoa2sohj.jpg photo P1010107_zpsxssctmin.jpg photo P1010108_zpsy8l9uydd.jpg
 photo P1010109_zpsxicwhapr.jpg photo P1010110_zpshxxlbzw8.jpg photo P1010111_zps1ed98kfx.jpg
 photo P1010112_zpsl7an2ii7.jpg photo P1010113_zpspib3cgdr.jpg photo P1010114_zpshdpclr0j.jpg
 photo P1010115_zpsjza07szf.jpg photo P1010116_zpsrnojy2xr.jpg photo P1010117_zpsnnpjjyxw.jpg
 photo P1010118_zps9zfectwa.jpg photo P1010119_zpsll4ygjb7.jpg photo P1010120_zpsqvozntbe.jpg
 photo P1010121_zpsqagjxrhh.jpg photo P1010122_zpsnf6stifl.jpg photo P1010123_zps6he80fqm.jpg
 photo P1010124_zps3ge6qzkq.jpg photo P1010125_zpsuh0ewhgm.jpg photo P1010126_zpsfzdejkrc.jpg
 photo P1010127_zpscat5hvym.jpg photo P1010128_zpsfekt6q3j.jpg photo P1010129_zps3kfk4txy.jpg
 photo P1010130_zpsaekeroqi.jpg photo P1010131_zps7wszevsa.jpg photo P1010132_zpsgfmayoih.jpg
 photo P1010133_zpseub4yjh0.jpg photo P1010134_zpsruipqxua.jpg photo P1010135_zpstcdmnwop.jpg
 photo P1010136_zpsbv9y3i69.jpg photo P1010137_zpsl6xcrk4v.jpg photo P1010138_zpsotpmej6y.jpg
 photo P1010139_zpsdvlnzlbg.jpg photo P1010140_zps6gier6sm.jpg photo P1010141_zpsyqcthkwj.jpg
 photo P1010142_zpsd5vexqee.jpg photo P1010143_zpsrnt07kik.jpg photo P1010144_zps6cssko0h.jpg
 photo P1010145_zpswa1loqax.jpg photo P1010146_zpsff5sdvyc.jpg photo P1010147_zpsq3hqwp93.jpg
 photo P1010148_zpsmd8jecpq.jpg photo P1010149_zpszrgbcilw.jpg photo P1010150_zpskc9u6qsz.jpg
 photo P1010151_zpswirt9qd2.jpg photo P1010152_zpsvpp5tchh.jpg photo P1010153_zpswln1nnsl.jpg
 photo P1010154_zpss53sipvq.jpg photo P1010155_zpsim0gshsq.jpg photo P1010156_zpswkcxa09e.jpg
 photo P1010157_zpsoqcajc6q.jpg photo P1010158_zpsrstzklta.jpg photo P1010159_zpsfoih85tg.jpg
 photo P1010160_zpspadpw2lm.jpg photo P1010161_zpsaulvnosc.jpg photo P1010162_zpsptxedl2c.jpg
 photo P1010163_zpsfbjqjwa7.jpg photo P1010164_zps7pjlcwdb.jpg photo P1010165_zpstevq5b1b.jpg
 photo P1010166_zpsfxfpbpvd.jpg photo P1010167_zpscdzxtrpu.jpg photo P1010168_zpsylyrte5l.jpg
 photo P1010169_zpshgxhtzik.jpg photo P1010170_zpss62x75ts.jpg photo P1010171_zpshlttbfvy.jpg
 photo P1010172_zpsu0fc3k4t.jpg photo P1010173_zpsyl9okzry.jpg photo P1010174_zpsyjn7cq40.jpg
 photo P1010175_zpsnwcizjvc.jpg photo P1010176_zpsxcxzzhrv.jpg photo P1010177_zpsloetcssa.jpg
 photo P1010178_zpskff897t2.jpg photo P1010179_zpsen7snnnz.jpg photo P1010180_zps8gvy3ze5.jpg
 photo P1010181_zpsydd2elm8.jpg photo P1010182_zpsti8zhn4s.jpg photo P1010183_zpsi6ghmlri.jpg
 photo P1010184_zpsyo8qr5f4.jpg photo P1010185_zpsqmjddcef.jpg photo P1010186_zpsp3fgj61j.jpg
 photo P1010187_zps2zlfduwd.jpg photo P1010188_zpsgeldyryf.jpg photo P1010189_zpszstnyqo5.jpg
 photo P1010190_zpswhto7k48.jpg photo P1010191_zpsc19wxteq.jpg photo P1010192_zpsqwdknyfl.jpg
 photo P1010193_zpsnd2zivtq.jpg photo P1010194_zpsuo4jip3j.jpg photo P1010195_zpslwuzwoi5.jpg
 photo P1010196_zpsahmgibwc.jpg photo P1010197_zpsq4hg9qio.jpg photo P1010198_zpsq0nlsw3f.jpg
 photo P1010199_zpsoz2babq5.jpg photo P1010200_zpswsg9anif.jpg photo P1010201_zpsqpgtebci.jpg
 photo P1010202_zpshoxzs6il.jpg photo P1010203_zpslxnynxg5.jpg photo P1010204_zps5hmmdrgr.jpg
 photo P1010205_zpsbkhzyanj.jpg photo P1010206_zps0jzmzzdh.jpg photo P1010207_zps84bvrvz4.jpg
 photo P1010208_zpsly9wzbhd.jpg photo P1010209_zpsq5tfdej7.jpg photo P1010210_zpstzfalsmz.jpg
 photo P1010211_zpstyoihblq.jpg photo P1010212_zpsztmxuosu.jpg photo P1010213_zps0v8fws2l.jpg
 photo P1010214_zps8ytd7zuo.jpg photo P1010215_zpsgxljonoe.jpg photo P1010216_zpsagbt5imm.jpg
 photo P1010217_zpslduzgwgm.jpg photo P1010218_zpsvd23gexu.jpg photo P1010219_zpsq5lkvucl.jpg
 photo P1010220_zpskbeuhrcy.jpg photo P1010221_zpsoyakibuk.jpg photo P1010222_zpsqbwssyos.jpg
 photo P1010223_zpsiobkd3z7.jpg photo P1010224_zps6ayqdwk5.jpg photo P1010225_zpshrvzxah7.jpg
 photo P1010226_zpshnnyqjfp.jpg photo P1010227_zpslidd53oc.jpg photo P1010228_zpssv8vtcvc.jpg
 photo P1010229_zpsbol7zgdd.jpg photo P1010230_zpsjem35os7.jpg photo P1010231_zps3ntva9p2.jpg
 photo P1010232_zpsdedzdjyf.jpg photo P1010233_zpshoela3ze.jpg photo P1010234_zps7efdafe2.jpg
 photo P1010235_zpsfc3igzoc.jpg photo P1010236_zps03jx7ulp.jpg photo P1010237_zpspvcvvm5g.jpg
 photo P1010238_zpswfutonrx.jpg photo P1010239_zpsjokzsjby.jpg photo P1010240_zpsiccbbvng.jpg
 photo P1010241_zpsojyr08vg.jpg photo P1010242_zpsvhwa7qi7.jpg photo P1010243_zpsdwzl9jnb.jpg
 photo P1010244_zpsgroqa0mc.jpg photo P1010245_zps1niczion.jpg photo P1010246_zpsj8lxh5p3.jpg
 photo P1010247_zpskzxfx1le.jpg photo P1010248_zpskrskyjtn.jpg photo P1010249_zpszja3mnxx.jpg
 photo P1010250_zpssj1x5roa.jpg photo P1010251_zpskvscmumz.jpg photo P1010252_zpsclhi8zjw.jpg
 photo P1010253_zps4u49uuep.jpg photo P1010254_zpscf6ladzq.jpg photo P1010255_zps3vf2gkfo.jpg
 photo P1010256_zpssqnrzlix.jpg photo P1010257_zpsqduarhoe.jpg photo P1010258_zpsfmmkmbiz.jpg
 photo P1010259_zpsmsyebnbo.jpg photo P1010260_zpsw79hln56.jpg photo P1010261_zpsjae71ylo.jpg
 photo P1010262_zpsphkobyky.jpg photo P1010263_zpskeaceqea.jpg photo P1010264_zpsc2su1nsb.jpg
 photo P1010265_zpstl1tnjk5.jpg photo P1010266_zpscbfksofi.jpg photo P1010267_zpstgdste6a.jpg
 photo P1010268_zpsnwwuz5j2.jpg photo P1010269_zpsajaofybh.jpg photo P1010270_zpse7rbxoxt.jpg
 photo P1010271_zpsi6sudx8n.jpg photo P1010272_zpsrnxn9jvo.jpg photo P1010273_zpst9otc9kz.jpg
 photo P1010274_zpsthohfstu.jpg photo P1010275_zpsiq6kl4bw.jpg photo P1010276_zpsijx4oeyx.jpg
 photo P1010277_zpsww6mmdoy.jpg photo P1010278_zpscmodakjs.jpg photo P1010279_zpsk8loku9x.jpg
 photo P1010280_zpsaoufukzj.jpg photo P1010281_zpspgkku6ar.jpg photo P1010282_zps1tkoofzq.jpg
 photo P1010283_zpsi8uwuc6g.jpg photo P1010284_zpsadgav7s7.jpg photo P1010285_zpsunk9h7tf.jpg
 photo P1010286_zpsz0ypef87.jpg photo P1010287_zps0bjku9iq.jpg photo P1010288_zps8yqo5mif.jpg
 photo P1010289_zpsahj6i210.jpg photo P1010290_zps7a0x1s0d.jpg photo P1010291_zpsstecxuxd.jpg
 photo P1010292_zpsdjyqsjfd.jpg photo P1010293_zpsscy246h7.jpg photo P1010294_zpsbvypceo1.jpg
 photo P1010295_zpskuksrbii.jpg photo P1010296_zpsqblc3l0w.jpg photo P1010297_zpsa5pyqhlz.jpg
 photo P1010298_zpsqls7tz7l.jpg photo P1010299_zpsi6xptbix.jpg photo P1010300_zpsgcburnxb.jpg
 photo P1010301_zpsbpzqkipj.jpg photo P1010302_zps06dn8zfp.jpg photo P1010303_zps4z1hchun.jpg
 photo P1010304_zpsthoz8yrd.jpg photo P1010305_zps5bb4i1ob.jpg photo P1010306_zpslwvgbohz.jpg
 photo P1010307_zpsmki2lsqy.jpg photo P1010308_zpses4qdwgz.jpg photo P1010309_zpszswactxd.jpg
 photo P1010310_zpswemjlusx.jpg photo P1010311_zpsxvkw2hnh.jpg photo P1010312_zpsof9gbr21.jpg
 photo P1010313_zpsuxrgkcgw.jpg photo P1010314_zps2xpthfk5.jpg photo P1010315_zps5n0vfjws.jpg
 photo P1010316_zpsrc4blo7l.jpg photo P1010317_zpscqdycvki.jpg photo P1010318_zpsfah4mwee.jpg
 photo P1010319_zpsihzhu4fm.jpg photo P1010320_zpswvhrk3yz.jpg photo P1010321_zpsmurdk4xn.jpg
 photo P1010322_zpsm14n1un8.jpg photo P1010323_zpsjdcbauml.jpg photo P1010324_zpsvfzzsgrg.jpg
 photo P1010325_zpsg7wthjx2.jpg photo P1010326_zpshfwjawvq.jpg photo P1010327_zpszxay4sxr.jpg
 photo P1010328_zpsjchrf2ao.jpg photo P1010329_zpsaqowvm5u.jpg photo P1010330_zpsltauyprl.jpg
 photo P1010331_zpsezid6lxf.jpg photo P1010332_zpssqhgiuos.jpg photo P1010333_zpsruykxwhq.jpg
 photo P1010334_zpsfwsndwvu.jpg photo P1010335_zpsiy7szq9i.jpg photo P1010336_zpsldvvmrzv.jpg
 photo P1010337_zpsd3hasubh.jpg photo P1010338_zpsivrquyhs.jpg photo P1010339_zpspljywcuk.jpg
 photo P1010340_zpswmafj0kq.jpg photo P1010341_zpshkx2mak7.jpg photo P1010342_zpshrmu0kpj.jpg
 photo P1010343_zpsgpjmlaz4.jpg photo P1010344_zps9bg1up9n.jpg photo P1010345_zpsc0ga5dfe.jpg
 photo P1010346_zps8tafjvgi.jpg photo P1010347_zpsnamcwtmk.jpg photo P1010348_zpsw80obgon.jpg
 photo P1010349_zpsoj5sehw5.jpg photo P1010350_zpsqsxtld2i.jpg photo P1010351_zpsyq2ozvg0.jpg
 photo P1010352_zpsgmepaxjn.jpg photo P1010353_zpsakahsppi.jpg photo P1010354_zpsg4f7jdg2.jpg
 photo P1010355_zpsr6bede7n.jpg photo P1010356_zpsb6ewmsvu.jpg photo P1010357_zpsjq1nrn8r.jpg
 photo P1010358_zpsq1pt8osf.jpg photo P1010359_zps1xrm2lya.jpg photo P1010360_zps3umyvhwg.jpg
 photo P1010361_zpspuuwjgjh.jpg photo P1010362_zpsigui6ary.jpg photo P1010363_zpsrohcsxrj.jpg
 photo P1010364_zpsoeopwvma.jpg photo P1010365_zpsmjxhvgsb.jpg photo P1010366_zpszmmdih1m.jpg
 photo P1010367_zpsxplhkhc4.jpg photo P1010368_zps3jizok84.jpg photo P1010369_zpsbi9ou4ts.jpg
 photo P1010370_zpsdhbha195.jpg photo P1010371_zpsm9g4c6se.jpg photo P1010372_zpscaktjgbq.jpg
 photo P1010373_zpse60ogakv.jpg photo P1010374_zps0bcustu7.jpg photo P1010375_zpshkoypxz1.jpg
 photo P1010376_zpstvxbve4w.jpg photo P1010377_zpsjhcy0yrf.jpg photo P1010378_zpsksh2z0rj.jpg
 photo P1010379_zpssm9ytspv.jpg photo P1010380_zps7uz72hqj.jpg photo P1010381_zpsknryma1h.jpg
 photo P1010382_zpsmhsk83ma.jpg photo P1010383_zpsegvlahxm.jpg photo P1010384_zps4itm623q.jpg
 photo P1010385_zpsef2phtyy.jpg photo P1010386_zpsn7buk9ga.jpg photo P1010387_zpsdzwbhr2x.jpg
 photo P1010388_zpsu979vjch.jpg photo P1010389_zpsmxmq5ejf.jpg photo P1010390_zpsr5ucn5ic.jpg
 photo P1010391_zpshlnnuifk.jpg photo P1010392_zpsvxfag52r.jpg photo P1010393_zpshnyhz0jd.jpg
 photo P1010394_zpslhldm7jk.jpg photo P1010395_zpsjwv9dy8w.jpg photo P1010396_zps3sll2dhq.jpg
 photo P1010397_zpsawzcqq0o.jpg photo P1010398_zpspwatv6nv.jpg photo P1010399_zpsqftzycrh.jpg
 photo P1010400_zpsxqc7kcbn.jpg photo P1010401_zpsyuasjfvt.jpg photo P1010402_zpsqi82uejj.jpg
 photo P1010403_zpssgesr6nf.jpg photo P1010404_zps7xypwxzr.jpg photo P1010405_zpsfdob4lr7.jpg
 photo P1010406_zpsq0dbz7gf.jpg photo P1010407_zpsh5a5kym9.jpg photo P1010408_zpsfmelxif0.jpg
 photo P1010409_zpsovqisdam.jpg photo P1010410_zpslzxkihz4.jpg photo P1010411_zpswx9k1b1q.jpg
 photo P1010412_zpszdjluubp.jpg photo P1010413_zpsntlqcdts.jpg photo P1010414_zpsjxepk91i.jpg
 photo P1010415_zpscbe73v54.jpg photo P1010416_zpsgwckmtly.jpg photo P1010417_zpsaiyhshmf.jpg
 photo P1010418_zpsmhemyk06.jpg photo P1010419_zpsibfbsnsz.jpg photo P1010420_zpsc4q6rkfs.jpg
 photo P1010421_zpsesqrgqye.jpg photo P1010422_zpsg4m2qo4x.jpg photo P1010423_zpsc8ehy4ha.jpg
 photo P1010424_zpseu5ht6b2.jpg photo P1010425_zpsqicdnatd.jpg photo P1010426_zpsgk2h8gu3.jpg
 photo P1010427_zpsxsjc4z4j.jpg photo P1010428_zpselno6gas.jpg photo P1010429_zpsrxdxpwvz.jpg
 photo P1010430_zpsgcnssk1d.jpg photo P1010431_zpsq8kldqgh.jpg photo P1010432_zpsznpoad85.jpg
 photo P1010433_zpsl3oss4pj.jpg photo P1010434_zpsjtj6dqyl.jpg photo P1010435_zpsl7tm7jem.jpg
 photo P1010436_zpsv3avq5l6.jpg photo P1010437_zpslnmkd0fg.jpg photo P1010438_zpslxuxjsik.jpg
 photo P1010439_zpsb7nfhqxg.jpg photo P1010440_zps8fvglato.jpg photo P1010441_zpsuehsu0im.jpg
 photo P1010442_zpsvbcd0dn1.jpg photo P1010443_zpsgznfr7v8.jpg photo P1010444_zps3hfgmuuh.jpg
 photo P1010445_zpsnofqines.jpg photo P1010446_zpsdhnxnjvk.jpg photo P1010447_zpstkhzz2ci.jpg
 photo P1010448_zpslddn7ept.jpg photo P1010449_zpsfg6y3lhv.jpg photo P1010450_zpsvun811ux.jpg
 photo P1010451_zpsybqpvz9h.jpg photo P1010452_zpsccbwnshy.jpg photo P1010453_zpslqn9z1df.jpg
 photo P1010454_zpssp57aiu5.jpg photo P1010455_zpsv28zu4cb.jpg photo P1010456_zpsowmmhm7h.jpg
 photo P1010457_zps4zlqy9lo.jpg photo P1010458_zpsehfv2vtw.jpg photo P1010459_zpsdmcwadhi.jpg
 photo P1010460_zpswaba5ehe.jpg photo P1010461_zpsuoozxdwp.jpg photo P1010462_zpsyuevp2d1.jpg
 photo P1010463_zps320od943.jpg photo P1010464_zpswbvxibhd.jpg photo P1010465_zpskodfjgw7.jpg
 photo P1010466_zpscghvt4cq.jpg photo P1010467_zpsaw37sg3d.jpg photo P1010468_zpspmqcjbdv.jpg
 photo P1010469_zpsvsqtrpbr.jpg photo P1010470_zpsgzxgvedd.jpg photo P1010471_zps9olzlqcs.jpg
 photo P1010472_zpsgbeacygl.jpg photo P1010473_zpsvimdjt7d.jpg photo P1010474_zpswv476s9y.jpg
 photo P1010475_zpsvwn7eqdc.jpg photo P1010476_zpspn86sqgl.jpg photo P1010477_zpsrof9kwar.jpg
 photo P1010478_zpsmfn8dzl3.jpg photo P1010479_zpsdo318afc.jpg photo P1010480_zpsxuthu8jy.jpg
 photo P1010481_zpsm5inssyk.jpg photo P1010482_zpsgoivr0ir.jpg photo P1010483_zps5qcafsp8.jpg
 photo P1010484_zpsx8eupwoy.jpg photo P1010485_zpsl9tpbxta.jpg photo P1010486_zpskqwdclyb.jpg
 photo P1010487_zpspyuojwnx.jpg photo P1010488_zpslq4b29jv.jpg photo P1010489_zpsppztivnn.jpg
 photo P1010490_zpsyrbs21jy.jpg photo P1010491_zpspz1gybzm.jpg photo P1010492_zpsrdk8h3mr.jpg
 photo P1010493_zpssij5csso.jpg photo P1010494_zpsrenhuv3d.jpg photo P1010495_zpspfutzcxo.jpg
 photo P1010496_zps1soc45c5.jpg photo P1010497_zpsbh75jynw.jpg photo P1010498_zps54mk0lke.jpg
 photo P1010499_zpsaibwt7jc.jpg photo P1010500_zpshx7pcheq.jpg photo P1010501_zpspmvfrbmx.jpg
 photo P1010502_zpsqjhopxa7.jpg photo P1010503_zpskftxjetb.jpg photo P1010504_zpsxtilmevy.jpg
 photo P1010505_zpsw9xdzx93.jpg photo P1010506_zpss7ekj5hq.jpg photo P1010507_zpsyixfwap6.jpg
 photo P1010508_zpslbcqxpkr.jpg photo P1010509_zpssh8ovdpo.jpg photo P1010510_zpsg5rox3yj.jpg
 photo P1010511_zpscfc9iwpt.jpg photo P1010512_zpssugzok13.jpg photo P1010513_zpsf3rzdyzt.jpg


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