2019 Road Racing Season is Over

End of Season
End of Season

The 2019 Road Racing Season is now over (with the exception of Macau).

You will notice a bit of a change in the site content over the coming winter months – with more ‘tech’ content. Just go with it, you might even like it – and be safe in the knowledge that when the bikes are back on the roads all the important info will still be here.

If you have no interest in anything that else that the site has to offer I won’t hold that against you either – just bookmark or save the site to your favourites and I will see you again in April 2020!

In the meantime make sure you subscribe to the TBNI Road Racing Calendar – as always it is free, keep up to date and already is starting to get the 2020 dates added to it. If you haven’t already subscribed have a read and get that sorted.

TBNI Road Racing Calendar – Click Here for Detailed Instructions on How to Subscribe.

See you in April 2020


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